Thursday, October 18, 2012

Go SuperAlex!

If you haven't already seen the RTC Guelph team's Domi, Jo & Alexander videos check em out!!! They're awesome. Races go off tomorrow, so you better know who you're cheering for. We've got a good group of West Coasters representing tomorrow too, so I thought it would be really cool if they could have 2012 videos as well. Unfortunately, I only came up with this plan today which was not enough time. Also my footage was very limited, and turns out my illegal downloading abilities suck, so here is the one and only video I managed to come up with. I'm still cheering for you Ali, Ellen, Matt, and Aaron- but heres my go Alex go video!!
Racing is f***ing fun


U23 Elite Women go off at 1:15 West Coast time (Friday)
Elite Women at 4:15
U23 Elite Men at 7:15

Jr Elite Women at 3:00 pm
Elite Men at 5:00 pm
Jr. Elite Men at 8:00 pm

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nothing to do with Lance, but a little about Biking, and Go Team at Worlds!

A couple of days ago I was bragging about how I never get sick anymore (just injured and adrenally burnt-out, but that doesn't count), so naturally I felt a flu coming on the very next day. There was no way this baby was your everyday cold- this was most definitely a flu. I spent all afternoon taking supplements, and huddling in my bed feeling sorry for myself, and trying to study but really just flipping between watching movie trailers online and trying to find awesome recipes to add to pinterest. I then spent the night too feverish, and radiating heat, and head going to explode, and throat constricting, and hurty-all-over to sleep, so I skipped all my morning classes, got up around 10:30 in the morning, and didn't feel too bad! So that was weird... I had been expecting death. While this turn of events put me even more behind in school, it culminated in the creation of these: (not that I'm behind in school... but there are a significant number of projects accumulating in my subconscious, slowly elevating my stress levels, that could have been started a while ago)
                                                        bacon chocolate chip cookies

These ARE NOT HEALTHY!!! but amazing. And every-intolerance-in-the-universe-free, but you wouldn't know it (except almonds- so you should probably get over your almond allergy).

Funny thing is, I have had zero appetite for the past few days, but for some reason not wanting to eat has made me want to be all 'top chef' way more than usual. Strange. I feel like the trend of being immobilized, therefore spending less time doing physical activity, therefore spending more time on the internet, therefore inspiring me to bake all day, doesn't bode well for when I get my knee surgery next week. 

Knee surgery probably deserves cookies though I'm thinkin. I'm excited to get it over with. It has been over a year now of IT band bursitis, and every possible treatment/strength training plan/this-worked-for-me!-regime on the planet, so I feel good about giving the ITband release a shot. I've been able to do about 3.5-4 hrs of cycling per week this fall, and while that is no where near triathlete levels of training, it has been exciting to get out on my bike regularly for the first time since before Beijing (regularly because I ride in 1hr segments). And now everyone is in New Zealand, and I can't even picture myself there I've been out of the game so long. 

Summer Climbing
Once I got over the hump, being on a break hasn't been bad though. I tried being a climber for a while, but after spending some time climbing outdoors, I then moved into the gym and may or may not have been a little over-enthusiastic and ended up with compartment syndrome of the forearms after the first week, so being a climber didn't last too long. 
Austin on the forearm destroyer

It has made me a better student though because I can allow school to become more of a priority. Turns out that I am really enjoying my research methods class, and am super stoked on doing my mini thesis.. both of which are weird to be enjoying- so I am now leaning towards grad school at some point in my life. Also, for my athletic injuries class, I've had to be trainer for a rugby team which has been quite different from anything I've ever done before. I feel terribly incompetent, but its kind of exciting watching them run right into one another.. on purpose.. piling up on top of one another, and waiting to see who gets back up while all ready to run out and stick a tampon up one of their bleeding noses or something like that.  
Quote of the away game in Washington state was, "can we stop at Krispy Kreme- I need to carbo load." Silly rugby players. But who am I kidding, pretty sure Ive heard Tri-boys say the same thing. Those cookies actually are healthy now that I think about it.

Anyways, I am very excited to follow all of our Canadians at worlds this weekend. We've got such a great group over there. I will be cheering so loudly for all of you!!! while eating cookies. 

Man, I think it's time to be a triathlete again.