Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Things that are Awesome

'So you are taking the summer off?- that's AWESOME!' - Ryan Russell.

(I'm hoping that if I make this post long enough, it will bump out the annoying video.. ahem.. I mean the best video you've ever seen... from my blog, so I will try to put in lots of pictures.)

 I have finally accepted that I won't be racing this year. And I'm happy. Sunshine is good for that. Nothing makes me happier than summer. In the beginning I was fighting to keep doing my 'easy swims' with the group, but with the fatigue that I was dealing with, that meant exhausting myself trying to keep up going warmup pace. Which lead to being too tired to function over the following two days while feeling bad about how pathetic I'd become. Now, I've got a much better routine that involves doing whatever I want. I go search out somewhere fun to swim everyday, and do 2-3k how ever I like (I get way too bored to swim more than that all by myself.. 3k is seriously pushing it). I've also got my butt buster & Ab ripper strength/rehab routine, and lots of walking to keep me from feeling like a lazy waste of life. Despite glimpses of my knee getting better, it's now been 10 months since I've been able to really run or bike, but I've got a second surgery consultation booked once and for all. My team and I are doing a lot to make me stronger, and more efficient, so I don't have helplessness induced depression anymore.  And Yes, I'm going to have to wait out the fatigue, but I know we're doing the right things for that as well. So long as there is progression, I'm happy. While I haven't tried any intensity in quite a while, I really do feel WAY better than I have in a really long time. I mean, even better than before the whole fatigue thing started. Here are some things that have been awesome lately.

1) Going on trips that do not involve training or racing:

Kirsten & Gaby enjoying the lovely west coast weather
hotel room on mini Vacation with my mummer
Unfortunately, I told my mom that I wouldn't put any pictures of her up without her permission, and since I didn't get a hold of her- here are some more of me.

And a real life volcano. 

A chocolate dress. 

2) Getting to spend a little time with my parents and little brother who I never see anymore:
 Last time I got to spend more than just christmas time with them was when I broke my collar bone, so injuries are good for something.

3) Okanagan Blueberries! and Raspberries! ... just Okanagan fruit in general

4) Watching my friends and sister race:
  Sometimes I think my summer off may be a little less off than intended since I live vicariously through my twin sister. I borderline wanted to throw up, I was so nervous when they were 'in the hands of the starter'.
Edmonton World Cup- Women's Start



Cheering on the Men

Champagne mayhem 
5) Reading books (that are not text books!) until way too late because they're at the scary part, and then not being able to sleep because it actually was scary... but it didn't matter because I could sleep-in anyways.

6) ONLY Swimming Outdoors:
Thetis Lake

Beaver Lake

Stanley Park pool just out the back door from my parent's house in Calgary. Alex and I also swam in the Elbow River which is right there as well (endless pool style), but alas, I didn't think to take a picture of it. 
Not training
Joining the gang at lake Matheson. (Also not mentioned but very important: Uvic Outdoor Pool)

7) That there isn't anything that can eat you in the lakes in Canada:
As I was swimming along by myself, I was thinking about global warming and how if alligators migrated to Canada, they would probably live in Elk-Beaver lake, and at that moment I unexpectedly swam into a huge clump of seaweed and FREAKED. Luckily it did not eat me.

8) My Backyards
Walking to the Lakes from my Condo- I was like, "man I'm lucky :)"

Alex doing strength back home in Calgary

9) Chipping away at the soon to be 6.5 year undergrad:
Summer classes are only 3 weeks long baby.

10) The Olympics are coming!
So to everyone who is finishing up their Olympic prep- leave the stressing to me: I only have 10 left days to get TV!!!

Good Luck Friends & Canadians. You know we'll be cheering!

(Shoot! Didn't even come close to bumping out the video.. just think of it as my blog's background music I guess.)