Monday, May 7, 2012

Swimmin in the lake

Just came home from a wetsuit swim at Thetis. Swimming in May is awesome because not many people realize that on a beautiful sunny spring day the lake really isn't that bad (With a wetsuit. We swam approx 100m sans wetsuit and it really was quite bad), so of course we had the whole lake to ourselves. Alex and I did our first lake swim about 3 weeks ago because we had just got our hands on our new Aqua Sphere wetsuits, and everyone knows that trying out a wetsuit in a pool is just not the same. Even in April, swimming in the lake wasn't too cold once the extreme pain in your face and hands and feet was numbed out. Luckily, our suits do an amazing job of keeping water from coming in, so there was never any cold water swishing around which certainly would have made canadian spring swimming considerably less enjoyable. The craziest feature of the Aqua Sphere suit is this corset-type velcro around the waist that keeps you higher up in the water than any other suit I have ever tried. You literally don't even have to kick at all. Is this ITU legal? I can't wait to try it out in a real workout with the group and be like 'haha- I'm not even kicking!'
..Although I must admit, there is something about having a coach making you swim in a cold lake that makes it feel about 100 times less enjoyable than when you're doing it of your own free will. I may stick to swimming oyo in the lake on beautiful sunny afternoons for a while longer before letting Coach know that the lake is indeed swimmable.
                                  Brent demonstrating the shoulder flexibility of the AquaSphere Suits:

Tri-It, our wonderful partners in Calgary, sell Aqua Sphere gear (rumour has it Tri-It is (or is at least one of) the biggest wetsuit distributors in North America), so if anyone wants to get fit for a wetsuit by the most enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and supportive staff on the planet- I suggest giving them a visit. (*Note: If you are thinking of buying this season's super levitating Aqua Sphere suit either online, or on Tri-It's online store, they do seem to fit small so I recommend buying a size up.)

                                                      Alex Swimming a few weeks ago:

Whew. While I'm on the topic of super-sponsors. Big thanks to Asics for letting me be a part of the team again this year! I certainly struggled with picking out my shoes because there were far too many choices, and I may or may not have picked them based on how fast they look (which was difficult since they all looked fast.. hence 6 different types of shoes). I will be at the Peninsula Runners Oak Bay Half-Marathon Asics tent this weekend so come say Hi.

ps. Apologies for the videos in previous posts playing every time you go on my blog. I wish this didn't happen too.

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