Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Riding Bikes
Ocean Swims

Pretty View from the new house

Alex started a video-off with the Ontario Boys. Or maybe the boys started it when they saw that Alex was not in a video-off with Paula.

Boys are good at making non-competitive things competitive too.

Like when Alex and I were 3, and we would get our nightly glass of milk with a straw. We would stare each other down, start sucking our milk as fast as we could while taking precious seconds every once and a while to yell- 'it's not a race!!!!'. Point of the story is: the boys don't know what they just got themselves into.

You see, while having a disaster of a camp is not ideal training-wise, at least I got to be a very dedicated team filmer. Not to say my filming was any good.. (you try taking good shots with 3 different people's cameras on the go), but I think we got some pretty hawaiian footage, and stepped up the video editing a lot (That was a heads up for the guys). Prepare yourselves for an epic, 'better-than-the-boys'-video' training video folks.

As for my disaster of a camp.. it was really just a series of unfortunate events (that I mostly take responsibility for, but some of it was bad luck.. or fate.. I really do think the hawaiian gods or training gods or someone was trying to tell me something). Knee that was good over christmas re-flared up, then I developed tendonitis in opposite ankle (in the pool!), which got better in time for me to sprain it. When finally I got to the point where we decided that I need to take a couple days of complete rest, I woke up on rest day #2 and spontaneously developed a killer infection in my elbow that took me out completely for a good week. It was quite painful. They thought that it was likely a staph infection, so I couldn't fly home early as we had been discussing in case it took a turn for the worst. So while the antibiotics were doing their thing, I dedicated myself to my video-making.
When you're injured, you often hear, "don't worry it's just december", or,"it's only january". Unfortunately, "it's february" actually IS worrisome if you are hoping to race in March. My not-training camp forced me to finally change my mindset. I'm not going to worry about racing in March anymore. If it happens awesome! If not.. well Worlds is in October, so far now I suppose I can say, "It's february". Back in the water the past couple days has felt gooood.

.. hopefully the boys will finish up their video soon.. pressure is on.

Waterfall at fancy hotel by the beach
Bike Riding
Paia Town: Big doggy in a little car
Awesome Outdoor Shower on the second floor of our house

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