Sunday, January 15, 2012

Maui Update

We went out for a fun ocean swim this morning. We saw lots of fish and a couple turtles, nobody got eaten by any sharks, and Jo and I practiced our body surfing for a bit. As we were leaving the beach, we heard that Sarah-Anne had won Patco in La Paz! The news was so exciting that some
humpback whales just off shore started jumping. Seriously! We saw about 5 whales jump right out of the water.

So nature loves you too Sarah!

It sounded like a marathon travel day(s) to get to La Paz, and killer race conditions, so to have Sarah-Anne, Brent, & Kyle finish on the podium (and Kathy Tremblay in 4th) despite all of that was great news! I would have suffered in that heat for sure had I been there.

Alex and I came to Maui off of a wonderful christmas break. Biking was aggravating my knee in the fall, so I just ran, swam and skied while I was home, and by the end of the week at home I was feeling healthy and ready to get fit.
(swimming in radium hot springs)

Unfortunately, despite a third bike fit, biking still seems to be bugging me a bit, which makes running hurt, so once again I am back to taking some legs off time. Hopefully it will be short lived. Swimming is going well, and there is no place I would rather be to be focusing on strength, flexibility, recovery and future injury prevention.

My goal coming into this camp was to get some bike and run fitness, but I have now changed my goal to becoming indestructible, and will let the fitness come when I'm ready.

Cheers to the beginning of racing season 2012!
(girls at the beach)

(Alex at fish market)
(View just outside of Paia)