Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 1 of 2012

I've been trying to write a season review for a while now.. but it seems like too much happened to really wrap it all together without turning it into a novel. This is why I decided to just put up pictures!
 (and a miniature novel:)
 The first half of the winter I spent sitting around with a broken collar-bone. I then proceeded to have the craziest second half of the year of my life, flying around to training camps and races, while being a part of Paula's support team (as the travelling team-mate and cheerer! some times I even got a walk-talky!). It was an amazing opportunity, an incredible experience, and I think I learnt a lot about WCS racing and training at this level. Unfortunately, due to my lack of World Cup points/past results, I didn't make it into most of the races I was at this year. That combined with some health issues led to me to race far less than I would have liked. Mid-way through the season I began to struggle with some blood pressure problems that I have dealt with in the past. I had 4 episodes this year, one of which was really scary and ended with me in the hospital over night. I still haven't quite figured out how to stop it from happening, but it was an eye-opener for me, and I am finally taking this issue seriously and am working really hard to have it all sorted out for next season. Luckily Beijing ended up being freezing cold, so I didn't have any issues and I was able to pull off a race that I am proud of. It wasn't perfect.. but 'what-if's' are silly to waste time on, so I am happy with what I learnt from it, and happy with my effort, and happy to finally run well. I was able to wrap up my season by getting my 2012 world cup standards so that was a nice way to finish. I think I progressed a lot in my training this year, so I am pleased with that and look forward to transferring my training to my racing more in the future. I'm also really looking forward to heading into this season in one piece! So thanks for the season everyone! Especially Patrick and TriCan and my parents. As well as everyone who looks after me (Kim & Joelle (massage),Kim (naturopath), Dr. Keeler, Dr. Murray (chiro), Paul (physio) and Dr. Smith & co! And I'm thankful to be racing with the world's best gear: 19 wetsuits, Trek ProCity and Pen Runners/Asics- thanks so much for helping me out this year!

 August: Very broken but still having a lot of fun
September: broken

October: broken

 November: Finally off the recliner bike and onto the trainer! (but still broken)

December 23rd: first 5km swim practice of drills, swim and lots of kick!

January: Maui baby! First road ride of the season, and went from barely finishing a 200 straight without having to open turn and suck air at the beginning of camp- to 5k open water point to point swim by the end!

February: tough month. being unaccustomed to training again after so long starts to get the best of me. 

March: Australia! Raced Mooloolaba WC as a good early season start up (finished 26th),and watched Paula win first WCS of the year in Sydney

 April/ May: Mini training camp in Arizona and not so great race in Monterray:

May/June: and then headed off to France camp & Madrid..
..and Kitzbuhel for training and Paula cheering:

June: Raced in Montreal, was having an awesome race, but ran into some blood-pressure/hydration issues and ended up in the hospital (finished 5th).

July: After lots of medical testing, headed back to France for what ended up being quite a fail camp as I was still too unhealthy. Toured Barcelona on the way home though!

August: Still trying to figure out health issues, but raced Kelowna and finished 5th, (on the podium as 3rd canadian and 3rd U23)

Finished off the season by placing 12th at U23 Worlds. Got a penalty, but still managed my fastest run of the year. Was so happy to finish strong!