Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Mission Accomplished Also!

I always think its funny when someone not-so-very-important like me writes: sorry for the lack of updates or something like that because REALLY? I'm pretty sure no one is actually anxiously awaiting an update so badly that it's worth apologizing for.. (I know I've written that many times, but I still think it's a silly thing to say). But then today I checked my stats, and 210 people checked my blog yesterday via Paula's Blog! And I haven't updated it recently! PAULAAAA you forgot to warn me! WWWWWAIT 210 people- COME BACK- I'm writing a new one!!!!!

Actually, I wrote this one on the Flight home, but haven't had the time to post it yet, so here are my thoughts from Kitzbuhel:

Hate to sound overly excited all the time, but after 5 weeks away I couldn’t think of a better way to end our May/June Euro Adventure. (Here.. I will take out most of the exclamation marks so this blog doesn’t sound too annoyingly happy).

-Paula won the gold Kitzbuhel goat trophy like I asked for. (oh and the deer head trophy.. can’t forget that one). While the conditions during her race fluctuated by about 20 degrees depending on the cloud cover, for the most part it wasn’t the freezing downpour the boys experienced. (guys race = not so fun (although the Brownlee show, as usual, was pretty unreal)).

Brownlee in Freezing Rain:

Goat (yay!):

Deer Head (umm..):

-After all my ordeals, I have finally mastered one carry-on, and a bag under 50lbs. No comment on the weight of the bike box and carryon though..
-We arrived at the Munchen (ie. Munich) airport this morning, and there was hardly a line up at check-in. The wonderful Aircanada ladies didn’t charge us for the bikes, and Patrick very very generously offered me his upgrade. Yup I am currently in a pod!!! (exclamation marks very necessary here) Matt described it pretty well.. ‘it’s a whole different World up there.’ He was right. THANK YOU SO MUCH PATRICK!

Our Paula is the best in the world, I’ve tried a pod.. Life Is Complete.

(.. Currently sooo full from the 4 course dinner, but they just brought out bowls of ice cream with coffee, chocolate praline somethingorother, and vanilla- how can I say no! I am making an ice cream soup with the last bits of each flavor like I used to do when I was twelve... Best. Day. Ever.)

When I was first given the opportunity to train with Paula this spring/summer, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about taking a semester off school to train and prepare for races knowing that I wouldn’t be racing myself. Would it make training mentally harder, doing weeks of specific prep, sometimes just the two of us, without a race to prepare for myself? I also felt a bit like I was jumping through hoops, experiencing the WCS atmosphere without taking any time to master Continental Cup racing first. Despite my worries, I soon realized that there weren’t many races back home that I would be missing out on. I don’t have the funds to go chasing points around other countries anyways, so I wouldn’t really be compromising my own season. And training in a world class program, with the best female triathlete on the planet (crazy thinking about that!), getting comfortable with WCS races, while traveling the world, really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know there are a lot of girls who would give a lot to be in my position.
I hadn’t thought too much about being part of something bigger. But when she won that first race in Sydney- I just felt like: Oh my god WE did it!
It’s a silly feeling because IIIIIIii did nothing. Even the description of training partner is embarrassing because I am in no way equal to her. I’m just there to share in the good days, and laugh through the suffering days alongside her (well more like behind her..), and then let her do all the dirty work. But after watching her win these last three races, I’ve realized that I don’t just want to be faster so that I can be competitive at this level too.. I want to be faster so that hopefully I can continue to be her team-mate as well. I think I’m on the right track. Every camp this year I’ve seen huge improvements in my ability to handle the training. Sure I still probably have 50 tired days for every one of hers, but I did it! Obviously John (physiologist) and Kim (massage) played a HUGE role in keeping us going. Kim wasn’t just there for massage, she was making me coffee every morning, really going above and beyond. And Patrick of course for putting so much caring and attention into our little group even with such a big group back home. Thank you so much!

I’m never ever going to be a Paula Findlay, but getting to be a part of it all has been so much more rewarding than I ever imagined. And to be working towards my own goals at the same time is a nice bonus. So there ya go. Kitzbuhel was awesome. Hopefully leaving behind the rain though. And I’m off for more adventuring. Kathy was very kind to let me crash at her place for a few days, so I’ll get in some training with her. And then my mom and sister are coming out to Montreal! I haven’t seen my mom in a while, and I haven’t raced with my sister in over a year- so I am very excited. Also very excited to see Dorelle and Joanna and the Ontario crew again! Yay D! And to get to race against all the Canadian talent that I don't see too often. I know Manon Letourneau and Evelyne Blouin are FIT!
I somehow managed to lose my last year’s wetsuit at the pre-race swim on Friday ☹, so I’m really lucky that Alex will be able to bring out my brand new 19 wetsuit- I have heard that it is pretty awesome. (SVP DO NOT FORGET IT ALEX!!). And then it’s back to Victoria for a week to do so some laundry and hopefully visit the bike shop, re-pack.. train..all that good stuff.

- signing off from the pod!


Mtn. Clyde said...

was excited to see you on the start list for the cup race in San Francisco... does your globe hopping now mean you're out?

regardless... there are a few people who are pretty excited about the amount of Canadian triathlon talent, and ARE anxiously awaiting updates! keep it up!

Kyla Coates said...

Thanks so much for your support! San Francisco is one of our U23 worlds qualifiers, so I was planning on racing there before we head over to Europe again. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I will be able to race now due to some health issues, but fingers crossed! My sister will be there though!

@mountainCLYDE said...

hope your health issues aren't serious or lingering. wishing you a speedy recovery, and hopefully a trip to SF!