Monday, May 9, 2011

Learning the hard way

by Kyla Coates

-Do not take classes by correspondence. I said I would never take one again last year. Well this time I really really mean it. Do not take courses by correspondence.
It is especially a drag when you are traveling to races in the summertime, and everyone has finished their school and they are catching up on movies on the flight, and reading books on their brand new Kindles.. while you are lugging around 15lbs of text books through the airports with no Kindle and no movies in order to STAY focused! mannnn I realllly wanted to see that movie!!

-If you just drank a caffeinated beverage and are thinking you maybe might have to pee a little tiny bit but you're not so sure.. Do not think, 'oh I'll just go on the plane.' You will be trapped in a window seat with two 200lb tattooed men snoring away beside you on a crazy turbulent flight causing the seat belt sign to stay on the entire flight (not turbulent enough to wake up scary tatooed men unfortunately). Trying not to think about it makes it worse. Trying to learn correspondence course makes it way worse. All you can do it tap your foot along to the 'I have to pee so badly, I think I'm going to die' song that you are singing in your head.

-If you need help getting your suitcase zipped up before you depart.. when everything is perfectly folded and organized.. will not stand a chance on the way home when you're in a rush to pack up your pile of dirty laundry, and your roomate is already waiting in the cab and therefore unavailable to sit on your bag while you zip...
Buying a rolly-carryon for the trip home helps a lot in these desperate situations, but does add one more item to cart through the airport and fit into shuttles.
Sooo buying a great BIG suitcase is obviously the thing to do. Packing is a breeze, and you can even add in some of the little things that all female triathletes seem to manage to bring on trips, like your favorite teas and spices, and cooking oils and bath salts.
The problems arise at check in, when your perfect-easily-solo-zipper-upper- suitcase is 15 lbs overweight. This may be ok in Canada when the overweight fee is 20 bones.
Those epsom salts are worth it.
But on the way home..
100$ added onto your 200$ bike fee.. mmm maybe not so much..
So the rearranging begins.. bike box is already considered overweight and they are giving you the 'don't even think about making it any heavier look'. So the heaviest important things go in the carry-on, and the grocery bag that will now also be a carry-on. Heavy, not so important things, go in the trash. like shampoo and contact solution.
This is less than great when you later remember need those things for your next night at the airport hotel.. sigh.
So you lug your 50lb carryon backpack and 20lb grocery bag through 3 airports and customs and shuttles, and try to focus on using your core as much as possible to relieve your compressed spine. And you're singing the 'My shoulders and back and arms are in so much pain I think I'm going to die, and what is that ripping sound coming from my backpack' song in your head in order to stay focused.
Buying another rolly-carryon for the trip home would help a lot in this situation. If not for the guilt of already having one at home.. is $100 on another suitcase preferable to just paying the overweight fee?

Some people just get everything right the first time. I do not. Ooooh my compressed spine.
and you thought this post was going to be about the race.. ;)

ps. that post will be along shortly
pps. no I have not reached the level of packing cooking oils and bath salts.. how they manage it I do not know.

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Alex Coates said...

hahaha I like, "and you thought this was going to be about the race"