Thursday, April 14, 2011

Byeee Sunshine!

Isn't it annoying how regeneration days always become catch-up-on-life days!? One day to relax, do some yoga, and tryyy to get in a little homework would be fantastic.. but it seems like my to-do list always ends up getting piled onto my precious recovery days. Heck, I haven't even finished unpacking yet! My suitcase is STILL a death-trap blocking the entrance to my room. Aww well- sure am glad we get catch-up-on-life days.

Coming back from Aus has felt like this:
am #1: after being awake half the night, alarm goes off: " ugh *expletive* IT FEELS LIKE THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!"
am #2: didn't fall asleep until after 3am, and woke up thinking "wow- it's sure is sunny out for 6:30 in the morning," only to realize that was because my alarm hadn't worked/woken me up, so it was 10am and I missed swimming!!! PANIC!!
am #3: after being awake half the night, alarm goes off: " ugh *expletive* IT FEELS LIKE THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!"

There has got to be some point when exhaustion overweighs jet-lag and we are able to sleep again.

Australia was a great trip. The training went really well, and thanks to Patrick and our little support crew (THANKS SAM & JOHN!), I was able to stay really consistent and healthy the whole time (other than MAJOR DOMS of the calves post-race!). Patrick put the hurt on the week after Mooloolaba, but by the end of it, I had gone from being not sure if I could even finish a triathlon, to feeling 100 times more confident and 100 times more race fit than before Mooloolaba (albeit, early- season race fit, but still a huuuuuge improvement!). The last few days leading up to Sydney, we discovered that I had moved up a ton on the waitlist, and for the first time it dawned on me that there was the possibility that I would be racing after all. This created a stressful situation because I had to pretend like I was racing, but at the same time I didn't know if I would be.. I knew I would be disappointed not to race, but at the same time I was feeling early-season race-fit, not necessarily WCS race fit, so the thought of racing at that level freaked me out a little bit too. Especially since there was no access to the full bike course pre-race and it was technical, somewhat sketchy, one.
The pre-race meeting came around, and all the girls showed. I was disappointed, but just being there was an absolutely amazing experience! Plus they gave me a sympathy WCS backpack. All the girls did so well (KS's first half up until the crash was so great). Watching Paula win was absolutely unbelievable.
And exhausting. Watching races is exhausting.
I am so grateful to be have been part of it all!
I also decided that the positive of not getting to race was that I missed out on 'the crash'. I feel like I 99.99999999% sure would have joined Lauren and Kirsten in that one. So that was another bonus. A backpack aaaaaand no road rash!
Ishigaki is coming up this weekend, and although I'm on the startlist, I was not able to go because I haven't taken the time to get my run standard yet. Another bummer because I was feeling sooooo good about it! It would have been a great ITU points boost, so that maybe I could actually get into some other races this year! Annnd for the first time ever I was not dead last and/or second-to-dead last on the startlist!
But it's all fair, I need to get the pre-reqs out of the way first. (not entirely true about the not taking time to get my standard yet.. I did run a 5k in March after some time off with a silly foot-nerve-pain-issue, but I got sick right before the race, so it was quite the disaster.)

Word on the street is that the girls out east are running fast right now, so here's to finding some certified races in the next couple weeks and running fast as well!
Anyways I am STOKED to see Kirsten kick butt this weekend in Ishigaki (sure hope road rash round 2 is healing up!!!)

back to the doing of important things!!!!

( you can see the other side to jetlag is extreme hyperness at bedtime)