Friday, March 25, 2011


The men's race goes off in a couple hours! Wish we could watch but unfortunately it's a bit too far of a trip for us, so we'll have to content ourselves with the internet updates like the rest of the planet. We've been here 2 weeks now.. so I realize that this post is a little late coming. At first I didn't want to write any posts for fear of letting people know that I'm even here, let alone racing.. but then when I figured the secret was likely out as of months ago, I decided to give blogging a shot afterall.. but it ended up sounding like this:

"The race course is really hard. It is REALLY hot here. I suck at hot. Would everyone please stop talking about how this race annihilates the underprepared- what if I am, and this race was supposed to help prepare me? Does this mean inevitable death??? There are so many fast people here. These waves are pretty big. The hill is really big. What if it rains? I hate race wheels in the rain. Why are my legs so short. What if I get eaten by a shark. What if I have to TT the whole thing and get lapped out. What if I get a flat- then I'll definitely get lapped out. WHY DO I DO THIS SPORT?!!!"

That is why the post remained unposted.

We went down to Mooloolaba this morning to get one last feel for the course, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. The hill is still really big, and it was still pretty hot, but I think the first race of the year panic has mostly run its course. I'm a more positive nervous now.. maybe a teensy bit excited?

The waves weren't so big this morning, but the tide has left the sand under the water really uneven, so the run-in will be treacherous.. I expect to see some epic belly flops. The swim exit is VERY long, in deep sand, so it's gonna be lactic central in T1. And then it's just the hills and heat!

I think this will be my second World Cup, not counting the swim/T1 in London, so it will be another fantastic learning experience. Seems cliche to say, but there's nothing like racing the best of the best. It will definitely be a fitness booster. And if I do get annihilated as the mooloolaba veterans keep foretelling- well still looooootttts of training left to do this year! I am very fortunate to be healthy enough to race so early in the season since after such a late start. I am so lucky to be in Australia (it's awesome btw)!!! And I am very excited to be on the line with ALL 4 of our national team women- all of whom seem to be in fantastic shape. This has not happened in a long time!

Alright nap time. Lets go JP!!

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