Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not in Maui Anymore

Coming back from a trip and facing real life always ends up being harder than anticipated. Alex returned from three weeks away from class to face two midterms and lab reports galore. When asked how the first test went- she was just like, 'oh.. there was one question I might have gotten wrong..". Champ. I just returned to find all my correspondence course material finally delivered and my first project having been due a week ago. Luckily the due dates are more like guidelines anyways...

Thank goodness the sun came out today because I was experiencing severe Vit D withdrawal symptoms. We planned to meet at 10am Sunday morning for a ride. I Rolled out of bed- and discovered my two roommates and riding companions were out with the flu. Luckily I got the flu shot. My good friend Danika was still ready to ride though, and as she is not attending an academic institution this semester she is as healthy as can be (Schools are where the flu epidemic originates/propagates in my opinion. Put a bunch of sleep-deprived young adults, whose idea of burning pent up physical energy is drinking alchoholic beverages to excess, usually in the very close proximity to other university students, until the wee hours of the morning several times per week and then clustering these same kids in classes together all day = flu season). Still I decided to load up on zinc, vit D, a few drops of oil of oregano juuusst in case. Bike gear on: full arm & leg warmers, toe warmer under booties, mostly water resistant jacket, ear warmer, 2 pairs of gloves- not my warmest but the good ones were lost somewhere in the wash. Coffee in a go-mug in the back cage- all set! Rolled out to the front door- and noticed it was drizzling. hmm well it was just a rainy/mist combo that really didn't look all that bad. 'I can handle this,' I thought. Until I rolled out under the overhang and got that first freezing douse of ice water up the back and in the face courtesy of my lack of fenders. The roads were really wet. 'Are you sure about this?' I asked Danika.
"Welll I had already committed to riding a couple days ago, only to discover that is was pouring.. this is definitely better than that was."
Alright- she's seen worse.. It's only me coming off of 27 degrees and sunny who is getting cold feet. I didn't ask how long she stayed out there those couple days ago.
I begin the 'yes you can' chant. Coach Neil used to say it in the middle of ridiculously hard swims when we would look up at him with, 'how can you be so cruel' faces and he would say 'yes you can, ready go!' Unfortunately my 'yes you can' chant has begun to lose some of it's effects since I have been overusing it for mentally challenging tasks such as just doing the dishes. yes you can.

"If worse comes to worse we can always stop at a coffee shop and get Alex to come pick us up" I say.

We head out and the first hour goes by really nicely. The hills are hurting a little more than usual but I can't figure out if it is because I'm getting hungry, or if it's my muscles being soo cold.. not that I could change either of those because the bar in my pocket is most definitely inaccessible with my double gloves on, and the legs are as warm as they are going to get, so no point worrying about it.
All is going well until the last 45 minutes hits. Happy chatter dies down. Gradually my feet and hands begin to lose feeling until it gets to the point where I decide to stay in my small chain ring regardless of the fact that we've been descending for the past 5 minutes because I know the likelihood of changing gears if an uphill arrives is very slim. An uphill arrives. A very steep one. I convince myself that just because I can't feel my feet doesn't mean that I can't stand up on them, and I get up and out of the saddle, irrationally convinced that my feet are just going to unclip for the mere sake of me not feeling them clipped in. This is better than the time we were doing repeats on West Saanich in the un-forcasted spring downpoar without rain gear on I tell myself. I cannot hear myself inadvertadely whimpering yet. We're getting closer to home. We hit a stop light and I slowly drift out further and further into the intersection unable to unclip. Damn. My inability to track stand is going to get me killed. I get my foot out, but almost go down anyways when I realize my foot feels more like a block of wood attached to my leg. Mercifully I finally get home, and dripping mud and water I roll my bike right into the elevator- going back on my promise that I would wash off my bike and carry it up to my room like I had told one of the strata members before leaving. I get to my door and pout until Alex finally helps me unbuckle my helmet- and then I go through the awful experience of defrosting in the shower. And watching my feet go from white to purple to bright red. You can go into anaphylactic shock from that you know- Alex just said so.
A few hours of thawing later I decided to load up on vitamins again. Fingers crossed that their flu is one of the one's that was in the flu shot. When I get to bed, I'm beginning to think sleeping in tomorrow might be the best option for me to avoid getting sick . I wake up the next morning.. yup feeling a bit under the weather.. check my heart rate.. yup sleep in will be best idea for me to stay healthy and avoid being out with the flu for a week. I roll over and go back to sleep. Annnnnnd then:
"Kyla wake up- CCES is waiting for you at the pool"
ugh.. Note to self: go buy the certified healthy vitamins that don't have a 15% chance of being cross contaminated like the store bought ones.

Quick rush to the pool & 3 bottle of water later and I think the germs are mostly flushed out of my system. CCES ladies are convinced it will be too dilute, but nope- allll good.
But time to toughen up.. none of this Maui spoiledness allowed here. Although the tan is welcome to stick around.

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