Friday, January 28, 2011

Alex- stop sleeping & put up your 3wk video!

How did 3 weeks turn into 3 days leftttt?? It's a sad thing to leave one of the awesomest places on the planet. I like all the cute shops in town, I like the grocery store, I like the coffee shop, I like the ocean, I like the sunshine, I like the papayas and mangos and pineapples and coconut everythings. I like the rainforest on the way to Hana, I like the beach, and the little hippy children that run around with bleached blonde hair and no shoes on. I like the fish market, and how everything is right out our front door. I will even miss the pool because of the outdoor shortcourse yards.

Yup it's a good place to be.

Sam says I'm not allowed to talk about how nice it is toooo much though because we don't want it to become too popular here.

I've been a bit all over the board over the last 3 weeks in terms of road back to fitness. Two steps forward one step back type thing. I think speedbumps are pretty unavoidable when you go from taking a looong period of time off and then try to get back into to shape. I know I've been at it a couple months now, but I guess there are a lot of changes and adaptations to be made after a break like that. This will be my fourth week of swimming full volume, and when I think of it that way, I'm pretty happy with how far I've come since my first full 5km swim on December 23rd (I remember the day because it was everyone else's 10km swim day). Not going to lie though, I feel like race season is coming too quickly! oh well who needs fitness anyways. At least my bike is awesome!

Yesterday was our second easy day and Alex, Sam and I got a sleep-in & coffee shop morning. Then we went for a second breakfast after swimming, and Patrick dropped us off to spend the day at the shops and beaches in Wailea. I really enjoy the ocean swims and the riding here, but fun days like yesterday are what give the whole trip a feeling of happy for me when I look back on them and not just a general feeling of exhaustion.

Speaking of that, I really need a nap.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


super fun off-afternoon:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maui week 1.5

Today our rooster went missing.

Maybe one of the neighbors finally had enough, and is having 'chicken' for dinner, but that is probably too much to ask for. He likely wandered off and hasn't found his way back yet- after all he isn't exactly the smartest rooster in town. He doesn't know when morning is coming like real roosters are supposed to, so he tries crowing at 2am, 4am, 5am.. a strangled pitiful kinda crowing that nonetheless gets through any and all types of earplugs. Either way, he makes departing for swimming at 6am more bearable because we're up anyways. Kinda missed the lil guy this morning.. (yaaa huge lie). For the first time my morning resting heart rate wasn't skewed by sympathetic nervous system response to his sporadic crows.

Paia is sunny, and warm and beautiful, and hippy, and everything a beach town should be. It is by far the funnest, nicest, most beautiful place I've ever been to for training camp. The ride out to Hana was amazing! And I quite enjoy the outdoor, shortcourse yards. Mana foods (the grocery store) IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!
On the otherhand, I would have to say that Tucson as a training camp location DOES have the benefit of not leaving you with a broken heart for not having the time to check out every amazing store, restaurant, beach, luau, snorkling cove, whale watching tour.. etc because the funnest outing there is to go to the Starbucks-Safeway. (No offense Tucson). I'm Having fun with Sam and Paula and Alex at the stupidrooster house. If I am able to move tomorrow then I will deem the: 'getting fit' a success already. If I am unable to move (which is highly likely after today's ride) then the: 'getting recovered' will probably need to take priority, but I'm sure the 'getting fit' will set in eventually. My tan is sadly taking it's time.

Sorry for the pitiful updates- check out Alex's blog for videos!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here We Gooooooooo

Tomorrow we head off to our first training camp of 2011. I want to share where it is but I know you will all be jealous...
..ok ok 3 weeks in Maui yay yay hooray!!

I am supposed to be packing.

For my birthday I was set up with a Biknd helium bike box from Tri-It in Calgary (Victoria could really use a branch if you're thinking of expanding.. wink wink) which iiissssss sooooo cool. After traveling with my old-school hard case amongst all the fancy smanshy boxes last summer, paying waaaayy more for my extra wheelcase and extra weight every flight, I decided it was definitely time to upgrade (not to mention the forearm injuries derived from dragging one of those things through the airport). So I begged Tri-It to find me a bike box like Paula and Kathy's and they did! Now I will fit in with the pro's at the airport at least.

I'm really looking forward to this year. For the first time I won't be taking a second semester at university since it looks like we will be away all of exam period, and I didn't think the profs would be too pleased.. I will be taking a couple online courses (one at a time) but otherwise it's a Tri focused year for me. This is a little scary coming off the collarbone injury because there is the potential that this would have been the perfect year to take a big chunk out of my undergrad requirements. But I would be an idiot to pass down the opportunities that have been offered this year, so here we go! I do worry sometimes that my swimming won't come back to the level it was previously at in time for the early races, but other days I see glimpses of my old swimming-self and feel really confident that the recovery is going well. I think once my upper body strength starts to return I'll begin to see huge improvements, but at the moment each swim is like a strength session for me leaving me overly tired and usually cranky because I want to be Fast Now! 'Patience young Jedi'- I know I know. Running and cycling volume has gradually been increasing and so far everything feels healthy and heading in the right direction. eee knock on wood.

Today we ran the Pioneer 8km, I caught a stupid little head cold a couple days ago, so I wasn't planning on running it in order to be 100% by tomorrow and avoid getting any worse, but then in the morning I was feeling pretty good so I decided to just run it at a tempo effort. (this is kindof a lie.. I actually ran 3km with the girls, blew up, and then decided maybe tempo effort was a better idea). There were some good efforts all around. Solid early season run by my lil sister ;) and Big congrats to Marc for a very speedy time.

Well time to go get Fit. Later Friendssss!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy Belated Holiday's Everyone!

wowy 2011. Officially an adult tomorrow. I don't think there is anywhere where I can still officially be a kid anymore! That sucks.
I quite liked being young & stupid.

Firstly, Please Welcome a beautiful new addition to my living room: Sparkles! (Spark for short)(named by the one and only Bill himself). The roads were all frosted over this morning, so I stuck to the cross bike, but I will take her out for a real ride soon!!!! I wish I could explain how excited I am. Thank you so much Trek Pro City & Ron at Ridley's! I can't believe I get to ride a bike this nice.

I really liked Christmas this year. I think it was the best one I've had since I moved to Victoria. It took me a while to pinpoint what made it even better than the rest.. but I thinnnkkk maybe it was because we had our winter training camp leading up to christmas as opposed to right after christmas. At the time I didn't appreciate the pre-christmas camp as much as I should have. I was happy to be getting some good training in, but as Christmas neared, I was thinking more about how it was already the 23rd and how I wanted to go home, and how it didn't feel like Christmas at all with the Victorian greenness & 10 degreesness. But when I finally made it home to the snow, and played nighttime shinny at the big rink in the park behind my house christmas eve (we won btw.. nbd ;), with no worries about heading back to trainingland the day after christmas, I realized it had all been worthwhile. It is much easier to fully relax when you know you are supposed to be relaxing, not prepping for a training camp slash awaiting impending doom.

I loved seeing my family. My parent's spoiled me. My cousin's first baby, Baby Wyatt, was born on New Years Eve (and the new born pictures are actually cute. He doesn't even look like a squished tomato baby). Welcome actuallyreallycutenotjustsayingittobenice baby Wyatt Coates! My brother is no longer shorter than Alex ha (still a teensy bit shorter than me :), and he sleeps in until 1 pm if you let him. I OD'ed on christmas chocolate. Really Badly. I need a serious sugar detox now. (and why did that last box of aftereights follow me back to Vic aaaackkkk!!!)

We got out to the cabin for a few days, and while Alex and I didn't get out snowboarding for fear of re-injury, we did have a couple great cross-country skiis! The paths and roads were so snowed/iced over that we incorporated our tempo sections of our run workout into our ski. That was a great idea at the time, but not so much the next day when I could barely walk. Turns out xc-skiing uses a lot of funny muscles. We did our swim workouts at the radium hotsprings pool. I wish I could always swim outdoors. Granted our waterbottles froze on the pool deck, and we spent almost as long in the hot pools beforehand preparing for the workout, but it made swimming almost fun.

Even if I miss the holidays- It is great to be back to the island again. Running in the greenness and sunny +4 degreeness sure is nice coming from snowy minus 18.

And finally to finish off this random post, We met up with some High School friends New Years Eve, some of whom I hadn't seen since high school, and in honor of them I have begun a list of things I learnt in 2010:

a) Being friends with nerds in highschool is a good idea. They end up being the ones already in Medschool by fourth year while still swimming varsity, or Biophysicists designing brainwave sensors in their summer jobs . wow. Really amazing, accomplished, down to earth people. And they're nice to you even if you only visit them every four years :)
b) Just because you know you are doing something stupid doesn't make it any the less stupid. Now that I'm an adult and all, I hope I am over this phase.. ie. If you're riding down a hill with a bag on you're shoulder which has the potential to fall off said shoulder and get jammed in your spokes, catapaulting you over the handlebars.. it will happen. knowing it could happen doesn't prevent it from happening. If only that were the only example of 2010, not just the most simple one.
c) Ride the course before you race on it. It doesn't matter if your only chance to ride it is at 5:45am the morning of the race. Just do it.
d) Training at Altitude is really hard. Since Calgary now counts as altitude for me, friends who ran with me over the break please don't judge the huffing and puffing.

.. list to be continued..

Really looking forward to 2011.