Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mobile uploads

Classes are over. 1 full lab report due tomorrow (aka reason for this procrastination induced blogging), but only two exams left to go after that. I Have been adding eggnog to my coffee. Chocolate calendar has been started. NTC christmas party was fun. The boys ran the santa shuffle yesterday... all this can only mean one thing: christmas break is almost here!!!! I'm just so excited. :D

I realize that my blogging has been rather sub-par these past few months. This has been due to time spent getting educated, getting treatment, and slowly getting back into training. AAAnd because there really isn't a whole lot to talk about when all you're doing is stressing about school, and driving to physio appointments. I realize that if I were A REAL elite triathlete I would have made amateur videos of me and my teammates training (set to cool music of course), and made myself look really badass by training to said cool music. OR I would have at least taken pictures of training rides/runs and posted them on twitter every couple hours to instill jealousy among all my adoring followers, in their 9-5 jobs, unable to swim, and bike, and run full-time like me.

But I don't own a video camera, and my regular picture taking camera broke.

That said, in an effort to be a real elite triathlete, I did try to take some phone pics yesterday to celebrate a number of FIRSTS.

FIRST outdoor ride since London (/alex making goofy smile on top of observatory):

Also FIRST coffee shop ride since who knows when (/Alex drinking soy latte with helmet and gloves still on):

Last Month's FIRST snowfall & reason why yesterday was my FIRST outdoor ride (/Alex on her new cross-bike):

FIRST christmas tree in this house (/Charlie):

annnnnddd not in pictures but also a first: FIRST 200 meters of straight swimming without stopping at a wall and/or drowning :). And FIRST full run around the lakes since last summer.
Merry almost-christmas-break everyone!