Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Since being BETTER!


I've been saving that title for a loooooonnng time. It may even be a little preemptive right now, but I can't keep saving it any longer! I just had my 4 month X-Ray yesterday, (That's like a whole third of a year batman) and bone callous is starting to look pretty solid! Despite Dr. Keeler's positivity, looking at the x-rays never gives me quite as much confidence as I would like. I can see the cloudiness that is the bone callous, but mostly I just see big huge gap in between the two halves of the bone. Sounds like it's just going to stay like that though, and bone callous will continue to fill in the gap. The bone-callous cloud is much more pronounced then it was 4 weeks ago! I just have to remind myself that allllll bones look semi-transparent on x-rays, and thusly still-building bone callous will look even more so. Outwardly you can hardly even tell that there's a step there, so despite having a deformed clavicle for the rest of my life, I'm not going to look super grotesque afterall. And it's been feeling very strong and sturdy lately so that's the important thing. I had a somewhat worrisome moment on the weekend when I gestured rather wildly (I think I was demanding a sudden-death round of charades or something because the boys were kicking our butts), and felt a sharp pain. The pain just got worse and worse on the drive home from Courteney/Comox where our camp had been. But Paul (super-awesome-physio-genius) explained that it was just the nerve getting stuck on the bone, so I didn't re-brake my collarbone after all! whew. He is very amazed by how well I've healed considering I showed no healing at 2 months, so I'm a lucky lucky girl.

I have reached a whole 30 minutes of running and feel great. I am also REALLY enjoying the decrease in water running volume. It was very nice to start running again with a whole group of walk-run gals (although I recall a couple of the run walks may have been closer to interval training than injury rehabilitation...), but even better that we're all just run-run gals now!

I was queen of the trainer this past month, but I have been given the all clear to ride outdoors! There is the teensy issue of not having a bike as my road bike was cracked in the crash, and I am sans cross-bike a le moment. But Alex just received her BRAND NEW Trek XO1 from Pro-City (and wont stop raving about it), so Lauren pretty please may I ride your cross bike for a bit?? I even went and dug out my old helmet from storage, but I would like to buy another pretty-catlike since that was the bestest helmet ever and I only wore it a couple months before the crash.

The last few weeks have been all about kicking in the pool. It looks like I'll have to build up my arm/shoulder strength and flexibility before I can begin ACTUAL SWIMMING, buuuutt in another week or two maybe I can give it a shot!! eek.

I had a lot of fun at our fall camp up island last week! The weather was mostly awful, but seemed to cooperate when we needed it most (aka monsoon ended just in time for the cross rides). I did trainer rides everyday, walks, runs, and loads of kicking+ some drills/single arm = sooo much training! ha. Mostly it was just really nice to get away from school-life, start getting back into shape, and stay at a very nice hotel with the team for a few days (outdoor pool & hottub, bath and body works shampoos/soaps, and two leaves and a bud teas! just so spoiled). I almost feel like a real triathlete again.

Most of all I want to say thank you to my friends who have listened to my whining and panicking these past few months. ESPECIALLY Lauren for always being so positive and supportive after having gone through a much worse clavicle-healing process than myself. No matter how many times I told Lauren that I was pretty sure I needed surgery- she would always say, 'no no I believe in you, you're still going to heal!' Never once did she think that I would need surgery. So thanks for everything Lauren!!!!!!
and Thanks to my support team for all the monitoring, and treatment. I still have a long way to go, but I am so grateful to have such a great team behind me. Being injured last year was good for something afterall because it led me to find such an amazing group to look after me!
I didn't know it was possible for me to be more appreciative of my sport/lifestyle, but I am. I never thought I would want to go swimming in the mornings, but I do! (well maybe not the morning part).. I even want to ride outside even if it's rainy and gross out! Soon soon!! I'm a lucky girl.