Saturday, October 23, 2010

bike rescue fail

Over Thanksgiving weekend I went home (to Calgary) and rescued my long lost bike. Somehow through-out my summer adventures, my bike ended up not making it back to Vic with me. But my box now graces our deck rather than my parents living room. I'm sure they are quite happy about that. And I was oh so happy to have my bike back again :). And thennnn to make life even better- my three month X-Ray showed healing!! Finally!!! So I busted out my happy dance (It goes like this: "I'm Healing, I'm Healing, I'm Healing!"..involving an immobilized right arm of course), and texted pretty much everyone who knows me, to tell them that I finally have a bone callous. I was thusly given the go ahead to begin trainer riding on a real bike!!!! No more granny biking/recliner biking for me baby.
Tonight I built it. 3 months of being unloved. In pieces. In a box. In my parents living room. My london race number was still on the seat post, gels still taped to the top-tube. I had forgotten that I had stripped my handlebar screws in Europe.. this made putting it back together slightly more challenging. But then as I was cleaning it, I realized that my beautiful bike was broken! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. So now I most definitely will be needing a new bike. And it's back to the granny bike in the gym for now. Sponsorships gladly (and graciously) accepted.