Friday, September 24, 2010



Giant Congrats to our Canadian team at Worlds. Amazing amazing racing. Paula was the toughest I have ever seen anybody be. Joanna and Kirsten were our podium girls in the Jr. & U23 women's races. Our Jr. Boys had what I think has to be the highest placing for any Canadian Junior boys team eeeeeeevvvvvvvvvverrrr! Christine- Ms. Consistent- had a fantastic race. And everyone else who I didn't mention were champs too. Giving all you have with what you've been given on the day is just as inspiring (..I think we saw two world champions finish somewhere in the 40's at races this season.. and I was really impressed by that. Sticking it out on the rough days is a lot harder than winning).
Annnnywwayyys thanks for making living vicariously through you guys so much fun!

Going on month three of being broken.
Last week I finally got to see my X-rays, and was shocked by how broken I actually am. I'm not in a lot of pain, am quite functional, and have great range of motion, so even though I heard that my x-rays weren't very good I definitely was not expecting them to look so bad! After Dr. Nelson checked my range of motion, and poked and prodded he was surprised as well. 'You don't match your x-rays,' he said, 'you seem all better.' But the x-rays showed the two halves of my collarbone a ways apart, (I want to say over a cm apart, but I'm just making up numbers here cause I have no clue) and slightly overlapping with no apparent healing. so that sucked. Surgery was considered. Buuuttt I got a CT scan done (8 weeks), and miraculously a tiny eensy-little bit of healing showed!!! YAY!!! hugggeee relief. see people lie to you about collarbones...They say it is a fairly easy break which rarely needs surgery, and heals in about 6- 8 weeks. From what I have seen this is a bigfat lie.
But if everything keeps improving over the next month, and I can avoid surgery, I will be a very happy girl.
*thinking immobilized thoughts*
I'd like to thank Dr. Keeler & Dr. Nelson for keeping an eye on me. Because if they weren't monitoring me, I'd probably assume myself to be better, and be trying to win my in-class push-up contest (I mean.. personal fitness test..) next week. (winning the beep test would've been a piece of cake!)

Primal Diet is going well.
Mostly Alex and Austin feed me though.. I'm working on being more creative/inspired so that I don't end up just being the dishwasher/just feeling really lazy& unhelpful in general. it can be hard keeping up in this family. I did make dark chocolate covered roasted macadamia nuts last night though (ok fine Alex melted the chocolate)! yummmm.
Austin is beginning to look like the guy from into the wild (right before he dies), and has thusly inspired approx half the team to jump on the bandwagon because he looks so.. emaciated.. I mean fast looking.
I do not know if this is a good thing or not.

School is kicking my butt.
It's not that it's harrrrrrddddd. There's a saying, 'If you want something done give it to a busy person'. Welllll since I am not really training right now, I don't consider myself to be a busy person anymore (and yet I fill my time up doing a quadrillion other things), and soooooooooo I have found myself up wayyyy too late, waaayyy too many times over the past week finishing assignments and/or studying last minute.
OK OK I've learnt my lesson!!! and I am officially going to time manage better as of tomorrow.

Toscaloosa this weekend!
Dorelle, Jason, and Andrew Russell are there ready to represent at US nationals. Sounds like another HOT race so gooodddd luckkk!!!!! Have fun. :) ps. the start list is stackedddd for a pan-american cup!! And sounds like Domi's doing a little cross-country racing this weekend, so go Domi go!

-I pretend that I'm water running queen of the world in order to inspire myself to keep going back to the pool. I will be sad when the outdoor pool closes because at least on sunny days I let myself think that I'm getting my tan on.
-Alex has almost mastered this screen printing thing.
-I just want to race tooooooooooo.