Friday, August 27, 2010

Since Being Broken

We went to the Buffet on the beautiful ferry ride over to the Island last night. It still hasn’t lost its novelty for me. Arrived back to Victoria after 2 months away. I sure missed it here although the chilly and fall-like weather was a bit of a shock.
France: Hot. Cabin in Windermere: Hot. Okanagan: Hot!
But I know that in Victoria the summer weather will come back around again in September, so I won’t complain just yet. When I left, Beacon Hill was still green and flowery, not dried all golden from August. The blackberries Definitely were not out! When I left, my racing season was just beginning. Now I’m back, and I ended up having my first summer vacation in a long time. The month off was really nice even though I couldn’t do most of the things I would have had I been whole. Maybe no backpacking or climbing or wakeboarding or trail running or, or.. but it still felt like a nice break. I got to spend more time with my parents and little brother than I have since I moved out 3 yrs ago. I got to spend almost 3 weeks at my cabin which I have been missing so much. Just like the old days.
I read books. I’m still the Dr. Mario CHAMP. I’m not really a lie on the beach all day and tan kinda girl, but getting better. Recliner biked while watching Paula win her second WCS in a row. Kinda wished I was there too. Fancy Coffees. Shopped for broken collarbone friendly clothes but nothing looks cute with the dork brace on. Or maybe it’s the bandaid tans… Water ran in the lake at 9:30 at night. Got spoiled rotten by my mom & dad. Stayed up all night because I don’t burn off enough energy in the day. Slept in. Hotsprings. Walked. Ate so many BC blueberries and peaches.

I’m going to have to go back when I can do my favorite 3.5km out and back run ALL OUT as the sun is setting like I used to do as my pre-kelowna ‘training’ back in the day. Kelowna was too late in the season to really train for back then ha. Too much boating and beaching and exploring to be done. But a 3.5km run all out at the end of the day- now that could be squeezed in.

Speaking of training- It’s amazing how many people actually believe you when you tell them that you’re working on getting fat right now. They then try to convince you otherwise. For the record: I was kidding. Gaining a pound or two might be a bit inevitable but regardless, 20 year old girls don't TRY to get fat during bikini season.
I think the highlite was coming out to watch nationals in Kelowna and seeing all my teammates race that I hadn’t seen for so long. Missed you guys. I liked hearing all the 'when you were gone' stories. And I'm very proud and happy for everyone!
The Okanagan is one of my favorite places.

I still have to wrap my head around the fact that now that I’m back doesn’t mean I can get back into training. Still got a ways to go yet. Not a whole lot of improvement after the 4week X-Ray, so fingers crossed the 6week one looks better! I’ve a huge to-do list.. mostly organizational things that I tried to write up on my whiteboard, but the previous list was un-removable.

It says: Finish This before Aus!!!!:
'get school books, bills, laundry, e-mails'..

…a whole year ago. Crazy how fast a year goes by. How much happens and changes and start and ends in a year. We danced to Day and Night, and Sexy B**** then instead of Dynamite, and Baby I like it ha.

I just got the stuck whiteboard list off with some Windex.. 'get school books, bills, laundry, e-mails'.. ok shouldn’t have bothered with the Windex.. now I have to re-write it all. Maybe some things don’t change too much. The T-Swift songs sound about the same.

I've still got some late summer adventuring to be done before school starts! Immobilized adventuring of course. I will try to do a better job of updating this time round.

No bad days.