Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some of My Pictures from the Weekend


AMac 2nd out of the water



Paula: " the guys are all so melodramatic."

athlete's tent

I realized late last night that I had forgotten to include the most important part of my last post:
Thanks Kim and Rob and Kurt and Patrick and my teammates and supporters and my parents and my sister.

I really don't know if I could have finished the whole race without having Kim(massage) and Rob(chiro) fixing me up beforehand, and Rob again afterwards. My hip still gets all jammed from time to time, so while running today all I could think was thanks so much Rob for putting my hips back right after the race! Thanks Kurt and Patrick for bringing me in the first place- even though I wasn't so sure it was good idea. Thanks parents for cheering for me even though I never have time to phone home. And thanks Alex for being more nervous about my races than I am even though she's had a rough couple years (and I usually can't find any cool presents to bring back). Don't worry though, I have a K in front of the Coates on my suit because there's two of us. Juuuuuusssst wait.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hy-Vee Race Report

Wow what an experience! I am really happy with how it turned out. It wasn’t a perfect race by any means- I left a lot of room for improvement, but knowing that I was able to finish mid-field with a just an ok race was a huge confidence booster.

I didn’t write any posts prior to the race because I didn’t want many people watching for me just in case I got lapped out. In the end I didn’t get lapped out or come last, so I really appreciate all the support from everyone who watched! Your messages really made my day.

Being at this race was so inspiring. We got the personalized Hyvee gift bags, and flats of water/propel delivered to our rooms which is always fun. The atmosphere was incredibly motivating. I was starstruck the whole time. I ended up on the plane beside Frodeno (aaand he talked to me- NBD), ran next to Moffat on the hotel treadmills (..I always thought she was taller..), stood in the elevator with the Bennett’s, roomed next to Daniela Ryf, and sat at the race meeting next to Tim Don.
It was a mixture of what the hell am I doing here?? and this is the coolest thing everrrr!

I think I’m probably the first person in history to attempt their first ever Olympic Distance triathlon, annnd first ever World Cup, at the HyVee WC. But I just told myself that I was getting all my ‘firsts’ over with in one shot, and therefore reducing the learning period. Lining up before the start, I was right behind 2008 Jr. World Champion, Kirsty McWilliam, because neither of us have any World ranking points yet. I can still picture her smile when she crossed the line in Vancouver- major shivers moment. It was nice chatting with her before the start because she was so friendly and genuine whereas most girls are pretty standoffish/intimidating pre-race. She said, ‘how many people get to be HERE! At the Des Moines World Cup!.’ So that helped calm my nerves a bit- ‘just be happy to be here.’

The swim was crazy. I was ranked last, but three Chinese women were put behind me because they missed the pre-race meeting. I didn’t want to be running back and forth along the pontoon looking for the last empty spot, so I chose the first one I saw, right beside Barbara Riveros- even though it was smack dab in the middle. The start was rough as usual. I think the packs split down the middle because I was doing a lot of horizontal swimming to get in a pack rather than forward swimming. About 250 in I was still in a good position up front(ish) when Girls started grabbing my ankles and pulling me back. So I lost my good feet and got really grumpy. There were so many girls around that I just swam and hoped I was up there. In the end a little gap formed a little ways ahead of me, so we weren’t quite front pack. Sucks because I know I know I know I know I can be front pack. I know it! But not this time. Hopefully next time. Came out of the first lap with Barbara- she ran faster than me, but I had a siiiiiicccck dive in, and bridged up to the girls ahead of us all by myself. Still not enough to make front pack though.

1500meters is an awfully long, painful, distance to swim.

I ended up getting on Kathy’s wheel coming out of transition, and Snowsill jumped on the back. I kept telling myself- Emma Snowsill and Barbera Riveros don’t get lapped out- you’re going to be ok!! But I was stuck at the very back of the pack, and we were hardly changing positions, so nobody would let me move up. Every corner I had to sprint to catch up- and it’s a cornerey course! By the end of the second lap, coming out of the technical section, a huge gap formed and I thought I was a goner for sure. I had to work sooo hard to bridge that gap. But then all of a sudden I was back on again! I moved right up to the front of the pack and somehow squeezed in around 5th in the pack. It felt like a huge improvement from 7th or 8th. And from then on I was ok! After lap 4 the leaders of our group started getting tired, so I was finally able to move up in the pack. I couldn’t decide what was worse though: pulling a lot at the front in the wind, or having to sprint out of each corner. On the last two laps my quads started cramping which made me nervous for the run, so I uber hydrated the last couple laps and hoped for the best.

The run was off and on. I dropped my gel right off the bat, and I was cramping worse and worse. I was hoping to pick it up on lap two- but someone had Stolen It!! (/probably removed it from the course). Luckily they had Gatorade at the water stations, so I made up for no gel by drinking loads of Gatorade. After each Gatorade, the cramping would go away and I would build into a good rhythm, and then it would sneak back up on me, and I would have to slow down the pace just to keep from completely locking up. On lap three I tried drinking water instead, but that was the worst decision everrrrrrrrr. It made my quads and calves lock up even tighter. I knew Paula was out there somewhere having the fantastic race that I knew she would have, but I kept missing her. She was just too damn far ahead! I finished the run with a tummy very very full of Gatorade. I wasn’t too tired at the line because I had had to hold back a lot to avoid complete crampage. Mostly I just wanted to throw up all the Gatorade. But I was very happy- because I didn’t come last!
Next time I'll have this cramping and hydration stuff all figured out!

I am so thrilled for Paula- knew she’d be right up there! And Jones- what a race! A-Russ looked so good those first couple laps of the run- and way to go for the swim again AMac!
Thanks for such an exciting weekend.