Monday, April 26, 2010

On the Life Goal list:

Be able to do a Handstand.

Do what you love, And do it well.
K. Coates

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is what we learnt in School

Happy (almost) end of the Semester.

According to my observations approximately 45% (or more) of the undergrad students at UVic are from Calgary. And the one's who stay in Calgary do so for one reason: The last day of classes.

Bermuda Shorts Day: Beer Mile, Concerts and Couch Races. Those Crazy Kids.

(PG13 for brief language and carnage)

Good Luck on the Examinations Folks.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cheering and Regenerating

First the world cup in Mooloolaba, and then WC Series in Sydney, then YOG qualifier for our juniors and World Cup in Monterrey- aaahhh just too much excitement!! I need to go run a loop of the lakes all out now. (dear Patrick: not literally. this time..)

Congrats Everyone!!!

I slept in this morning. Was just lying in bed- too lazy to go get my computer, so I checked the WC updates on my phone, and the first thing that came up was 'Paula wins'. That got me out of bed!!! I actually did a little happy yelp ha. I had messed up the times, so I thought the girls hadn't started yet, but they were already done- and Paula wonnnnnnn!!!!

I had the best regen of my life this week. Since our team was leaving us for Mexico- and we were on a recovery week (well 4/7 of a week), Alex and I decided to go home to Calgary for a few days. It is only a 1hour flight away, so it's a pretty easy trip- we just never seem to fit in the time to visit. My mom just about went into shock when I told her we wanted to come visit.
She was speechless for a bit, but then managed a: " but you never come home!"
My Dad gave my Mom a 'take the girls to the spa' gift certificate for her birthday. So we went to the Banff Springs Hotel Spa for the day, and it was the most amazing day ever. I would put it on my 100 things to do before I die list. check.
Banff was so beautiful as always. Calgary well... Calgary was sunny, and warmed up to about 15 on our last day, but was rather brown in a winter-spring in calgaryish way. So great to visit home and the family though. Would've loved to stay longer. We flew back to Vic thursday night because we had an exam the next morning, and when we stepped off the plane the air was so warm and humid, and the birds and frogs so chirpy, and it smelt so green and floral that it felt like we had actually landed somewhere tropical. Not a bad place to come home to. I like my two homes.

Banff Springs hotel. We started off the day with a swim in the hotel's 32 meter lane pool with a full Panoramic view of the Rockies (I didn't get a picture of that).

There was a little outdoor pool along with the lane pool that I did get a picture of (& pretty mountain):

Water Station: citrus water, or cucumber mint (tastes like cucumber and mint..). Coffee, or 20+ different types of tea, with your choice of homemade cookie or muffin.

After spending some time in the eucalyptus scented saunas (one warm, one really hot), we tried out the three waterfall pools. One hot, one warm, one cold- all surrounding the mineral pool. Again with beautiful views of the mountains.

(some randoms in pool)

The mineral pool was supposed to aid in regeneration, and if you lay on your back looking up at the skylight you could listen to music underwater. And then we checked out the outdoor hottub:

yup. best recovery day on the planet.
Best Daddy on the planet :)

And this is from today. We went out to Sooke to cheer on Gaby in her 10k, and then we did our ride out there. Much greener here.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Very Blustery Day

~ellen shaw

When I was 11 years old, as a not very accomplished competitive swimmer, I would dread going to morning practices. On this particular morning (I think it was a Saturday) my mom was driving us to the pool along the pitch black, empty Calgary streets. Negative 20 degrees outside, snow drifts blowing across the road. Getting into a freezing cold pool to train under some-hard-a**-ex-Olympian (still the toughest coach I’ve ever had (maybe the best..)) who trained us as if we were athletes heading to the olympics any day now rather than some skinny lil kids hoping to get B-provincial times, was not really my idea of fun. “Don’t cry”, she’d say, “it only makes it harder to breath. Ready-Go.” As always, I was huddled in the back of the van, praying that the coach would forget to show, or there would be a power outage, or the pool would be empty, or, or..

And then it happened.

That morning the pool had been drained!!!! No Swimmmmmminnggg!
And some amazing parent had brought Timbits!!!!!!
And my mom took us to the mall to walk around with the mall walkers until some of the shops started to open, so that we wouldn’t be stomping around the house waking up my little brother.

Best Day Of My Life.

Miracles do exist.

Well I have a little bit of a different attitude and appreciation for training now. Now that I have goals. I mean real goals, not little 11 year old- 'I want to go the Olympics even though I am generally among the last 5 kids in my event on every results sheet kinda goals'. I can’t say that I never wish that the pool was drained some mornings- but now training matters a lot more. And I know I’ll make sure to get the work in some way or another. So with the power-outage this morning, not getting to swim wasn’t quite as great a feeling as that cold Saturday morning…Nobody brought any timbits!!

It is currently soooo windy and dreary out there, that with no power my house is hardly lit up at all. Had a very dark trainer ride. Prayed my ipod would last the whole 90min. Attempted to make coffee out of insta-coffee packets and hot-tap water… didn’t work out so well…
-“Just make it on the stove,” Ali says!
-“I have an electric stove…”
-“Oh.” (insert 'sucks to be you face')

hmm wonder what the strata would think of making a camp-fire on my deck..