Sunday, March 28, 2010


8 days of school left????? World Cup racing has started???? Officially retired my winter riding jacket??
Whhhhhattt when did this happen??
Guess it's time to start those semester-long assignments that are due on the last day of class. kidding.

.. sorta..

New Kiwami race suits are in!! woot!!!! I have the new women's open-back suit (as opposed to the zipper back), and the red kiwami bathing-suit to choose from this year, so I'm tres excited about that. Bill at Trek Pro-City has been spending the last couple weeks fitting and re-fitting my bike for me, so that has been great. Thanks Bill!!!!! Feels better already :). Annnnndd Hip is finally cooperating- just in time!

Early run in the rain (well.. felt early), team breakfast at Matticks Farm, mostly sunny ride, stretch/roller, homework.
Stoked for this season.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Tune/Band for A-Mac

...except that embedding it just made my blog all funny.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

on being tough..

PK: Keep bringing your wetsuits to the pool. We'll be getting in the lake for some short swims next week.

Matt: (painful cry/yelp/scream)

Ali: It snowed yesterday..

Mark: I hate this life.

I really hope he actually meant next month instead of next week, or maybe the next month, or preferably the one after that just to be safe... (Video from May 11, 2008 shows my opinion.) May 11!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny with Flurries

I was just about to go for my ride- looked outside... and it's snowing. Well a combination of slushing and snowing at least. mmm maybe I'll wait a few more minutes. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week were gorgeous. 15 degrees, sunshine, huge blue sky, all the flowery trees and bushes are in bloom, and the real indicator that spring has reached Victoria: the daffodils have begun to take over Beacon Hill once again!

But apparently it also sporadically slushes.

Austin interviewed me for his Journalism class back in the fall, and it was just published in the school newspaper. It was an incredibly flattering article, and the editors made it even more so. Kirsten and Paula can get the prodigy title but definitely not me! Anyways moral of the story: if you want to have an interview that makes you sound good- talk to Austin. And if you want everybody to have a good laugh at your expense- have the paper put an incredibly silly, giant picture of you saving hilary's bike from Caddy Bay on the front cover. oh sigh.. Now that everybody on the planet has seen it (thanks in part to Idon and A-game).. and laughed at me- moving onward Please!

Bazan Bay 5km was on Sunday. There was some goooood running. Simon took the win (again), but very very close on his heels was Jones which was pretty cool. AP had a great run (sub 15) for third and was almost caught by a very smartly paced ARuss in the last 300m. Close behind was Austin followed by JP with sub 15:20 runs. Speedy Speedy. Christine dominated the junior girls, and the Dark Horse- not so rookie Brookie took the win for the boys! woot.
But most importantly the tiny newborn girlies were there! Triathletes just have the cutest kids. Congrats Bertrand and Whitfield families.
Here are mes photos from Sunday:

I tried to get them in order, but then decided it was a lost cause.
and ps. Congrats to Thida for beating her goal time in her first ever 5k race!!