Sunday, February 28, 2010

25 headup, 25 back, 25 headup, 25 back, 400 all out..

Originally I planned to write a Tucson wrap up post. About how my bike felt superfast the whole trip, and I credit it to my huge Pro-City bike makeover before we left. Thanks guys. About how I love my new handpump almost as much as my bike.. well not quite but it's a keeper. About how they make Starbucks' soy lattes with vanilla soy in the states which is ammmmazing (in my opinion)= no sugar required. And how their insta-coffee packets are pretty good too. But I would recommend buying the insta-coffee packets prior to dropping 5 bucks a day on soy lattes. About how we were ambushed by the pee in a cup patrol, and none of us are even on wherabouts-yet!! And how we ended up using Kirsten's conconut oil as emergency moisturizer when all the lotions in the world weren't making the cut. How watching Olympics in the states just don't compare. How we sat next to the USA olympics pairs figure skaters on the way from Denver to Vancouver (they had to go home to train for another competition). hmm there were so many training stories!

but then we went over to Vancouver for the day yesterday, and watched the amazing game today, and I decided that my stories don't quite compare..

I had to catch up on all the major events I had missed on the internet this morning. Then almost died during the game today. Somehow we mixed up the start time for the closing ceremonies and ended up watching the first half from the pool on the big results screen. We had to get as many meters in as possible during the commercials, so that we could do kick/drill for the actual ceremonies part. I'm not sure if it was because the games were at home, or if it was because I realize that the Olympians I train with are just the same as the heroes on tv, Making the Olympics more real than ever before, but these were my favorite Olympics. There was so many tears: Mckeever, Joannie Rochette, Jennifer Heil, Kershaw, yet they were combined with smiles: Alexandre Bilodeau, Montgomery, our hockey boys.. too many to name! So much heart and sacrifice. I read today that among all of Clara Hughs' charity work such as right to play, she is also giving her $10000 prize money to a youth at risk foundation. I'm pretty proud to be Canadian right now.

Thanks for everything team. You guys were great.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tucson Post!

We're onto our second week here in Tucson.. so it's about time I wrote a lil update. With the olympics going on I've been doing a great job of stretching and rollering (we moved the couch to have a front row yoga zone), but I've been doing a terrible job of homeworking. Now that reading week is over, the school work that I've managed to mostly ignore has finally managed to trigger my stress receptors (ever so slightly). So that's why I am now beginning my pre-studying procrastination.

This is my third time coming down to Tucson, and I vote that it's been the most fun. We're in a beautiful house, pretty close to the UofA pool. No ghetto train-house this year. Our first week here we had amazing weather. I'm on a bit of a 'not wanting to be weathered and wrinkly when I'm old' kick, so I've been sticking to the 30, buuut with the blue sky and outdoor swimming I've still been doing a pretty good job of getting one helluva swim-suit tan if I do say so myself. The last couple days have been more on the stormy/rainy and cold side, but it's still been fun. We had a swim in the warm pool along side Barrie's group in the cold and rain which was neat because the pool was steaming. And it was the first time my wish for a hot-tub warm-up ever came true! Thankfully, It's supposed to warm-up again tomorrow though.

other fun things so far include:
Some nights out for dinner. Best seared Ahi-tuna salad evvvveer at Zinburger.

Having a girls morning downtown after a recovery swim. We had latte's and went for sushi, tried every single sample imaginable at the aveda store, and speed shopped!

Our team dance parties/T-Swift jam seshes in the big 12 seater van.

Running and Icing in Sabino canyon.

Our dance-off the other night in which the boys kicked our Butts! We gave it our best-shot, but I don't think we could really compare to their semi-naked tri-geekness.

And of course just enjoying training in the sun. Pics to come whenever I find my camera cord thingy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Congrats Claire!


this made me a little teary.. oh I'm such a girl. So happy for you Claire- all the best!