Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tucson dreamin

Nothing motivates you to work hard quite like hypothermia..

"20' easy? thanks coach- but I'll just keep going race pace."

I've been too hot on most of our rides this month, so I was beginning to forget that it is still winter. If you can call plus 8 winter. Guess I'm getting a bit soft..

Nonetheless when you've got ice-water/mud spraying down your neck from the girl in front of you, soaked through the tights and gloves in less than a minute.. pooling into your booties.. wind cutting right through all the wet clothes, and no feeling in the toes for the last hour... .'There's no such thing as bad weather- only bad clothes" My A**.

Flat Tubes: 3
Punctured Tires that cause Flat tubes: both
Functional Break Pads: none
Remaining whole tubes: none
New hand Pump: Somehow lost the part that attaches to the tube valve

Thinking it's time to make a trip to the shop.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fast, Rich, Tough 'n Happy.

-2 reasons why I'm going to be fast this year:
1) Dr. Mike Murray
2) Fiona Taylor

Mike said that his personal massage therapist is the best there is- that I'd have to be tough because it would hurt, that I better never miss an appointment, that he never recommends her because she is completely booked up and impossible to get into, and that I'd better like dogs.. But he said he'd plead my case- and right away I was in for an appointment on the lunch break of one of the nicest and by far the most knowledgeable massage therapists I've ever met (with her co-workers Moses and Barney). We chatted the whole time about puppies, and tri-stuff, and kinese stuff, and twinly stuff, and muscle origins, insertions and trigger points, while I made funny pain faces. And it's great because I love dogs!

-2 reasons why I'm going to get rich this year:
1) Trish (Cole's mommy)
2) My mom!

Last week Trish contacted Alex and I about buying a few bracelets for herself and her friends. Before we even had time to buy some silver cleaner we were $180 richer, and the next day Cole said that she could easily sell 10 more on the spot! Thanks so much super salesgirl, Trish.
Annndd my mom just discovered this place in Victoria that rents out torches so that we can make more beads! The problem before was that we could only make beads when we went home (which is practically never), so not only could we never make more beads, but we could never get more practice so we haven't been able to get really really good at it. So now both of us will be pros soon ;).

2 reasons why I'm going to be tough this year:
1) World Cup Wednesdays (otherwise known as Harden-up Hump Days)
2) Suicide Saturdays

Alllllllright World Cup Wednesdays (otherwise known as Harden up Hump Days. Harden up- because you gotta stay tough, and Hump Day because wednesday is the hump of the week and after that it's downhill from there. Unfortunately this title can sometimes be taken the wrong way..). WC Wednesdays all began a couple weeks ago when I joined the boys for a draft pack set in the pool because we ran out of pairs. Tuesdays have a big swim, a big run, and a base ride, so Wednesdays begin pre-fatigued. The coaches threw me at the back of a pack of two guys in a set of 2x{ 2x300 on 4:30+ 3x200 on 3:00 drafting}. By the second round my job was just to hang on to the back. Tried it again this week as the guys cranked out 2:23's (lc).. oof! The worst part is the walls. Going into the turn in third guarantees a gap. It's just like going around a 90' corner in a crit at the back. If you're at the back of the pack you have to be prepared to hammer. So not only was I working on my holding onto feet for dear life skills, but also my sprinting to catch back onto the feet that I was barely holding onto in the first place skills! Killer swim is then followed by a big 2ish hour drafting ride. Last week Alex and I tried to hang onto the big guys through a set of 30' steady state+ 20' tempo. Sitting in for the steady state was pretty easy because the guys were pulling into the wind, but on the way home for the tempo we might as well have been motor pacing. We definitely didn't last the whole 20'- maybe next time.. So all in all I spend my wednesdays feeling like what I imagine World Cup racing is going to feel like. (hence the name)

and Saturdays.. well lately coach has been enjoying having us do repeats of the backside of Willis Point/Durrance Hill + weights+ little run off the bike+ an eye opener set in the pool= Suicide Saturdays. Enough Said.

2 Reasons why I'm happy Right now:
1) Timmy's
2) My coffee maker

I was grumpy all day until 30 minutes before tonight's run when I had a large steeped tea (1cream, 1 sugar) and a raisin cinnamon bagel a la Timmy's. And then I was happy :). Run was good too.
I have a box of coffee, a box of fancy/specialty coffees ie. (cappuccino, hazelnut, swiss chocolate almond..), a variety box of tea, aaand a box of hot chocolate on the way!!!!! I just love my coffee maker. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Highlight Reel

It's been so long since my last update that I've been putting off writing a new post simply because there is too much to talk about. Christmas break came and went so fast that it feels like it was months ago that I visited home rather than just a couple weeks ago. So I've decided to write this in highlight-reel format.

- snow!
- eating meals that actually taste good, and the fridge always being full... basically just having such a great mom :)
- going out to the cabin even if just for the weekend. Possibly the only place on earth where I can be stress free.
- cross-country skiing
- seeing friends and family. My brother just keeps growing. He has also become a bona-fide 'gamer'. I discovered this on my first day at home when I found him closed up in his gaming-room, playing X-box live, while talking on a headset to his friends/whoever else in the world he was playing against. I don't know if he would appreciate me sharing this.. but I thought it was pretty funny. He's limited to an hour a day.

And then before I knew it, my holiday week was over, and it was back to Vic to get my ass kicked.

Training Camp:
- learnt that I am officially addicted to coffee. First two days of camp I went sans coffee (for reasons unknown..), and had two days of withdrawal headaches, until I finally had a coffee.
- Paula became my room-mate for the week which was fun. We tried to do as many fun, but little energy expending things around victoria as possible.
- Realized that the cleanliness/orderliness of my condo is inversely related to the amount of time my sister spends there. ;) not saying it's a causal relationship or anything..
- Had an inconsistent fall, but I'm finally gettin fit!
- got my butt kicked

- I am old.. *sigh* goodbye teenage years..
- Birthday/End of Camp cake from Dean and Carolyn on the day before my b-day! Nearly all my birthday's have been during training camp. When I was a swimmer this meant I had the worst birthday's ever. (While I think of Tri camps quite positively (especially when I really need to get fit fast), winter swimclub training camps have been proven to be directly linked to depression). This was the first time anyone's ever brought us a cake :)
- Ali organized us a dinner at Milestones. bff :)
- AP bought us the best, but deceivingly potent drink (mine had a monkey on top).
(I just stole this picture off the internet- because I didn't have a picture of it- ignore random person in background:)

- Austin gave Alex and I the best b-day present eveeeerr! ok so: it's a Keurig coffee maker. You get all these little cups (think oversized versions of the little creamers that you stack into pyramids at restaurants). They are either coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate, or some type of fancy coffee drink (there are hundreds of types). There is a compartment filled up with water. You stick the little cup into the machine and voila! Your drink just pours right into your mug. It's all real coffee or tea, and it's sooooo gooodd! so fast! and sooooo much fun!! No more withdrawal headaches for this girl.
- Thanks for everything friends!

And Now- Into the New Year:
- Just read A-Russ's top workouts of 2009 and it made me smile. It's all about the process- gotta be proud of those moments. We're HP kids.
- we'll be going into a recovery period next week. I'm hoping that post-recovery my improved fitness will show in training. I'm already swimming much stronger, but the fatigue is quite apparent.
- Running is another story.. my foot is all better but my ever since I started running again my bum/piriformus/glute/hamstring on the injured side hasn't been cooperating very well. I feel like I'm running with a peg leg.. Beginning to think it's about time to get some new legs:
(you'll have to excuse the profanity)

- Massage & Chiro Mondays, Yoga & Physio Thursdays, and hopefully some acupuncture will fix me up
- Semester 2 has begun, I'm still figuring out my schedule but should be an ok one.
- I've been drinking way too many hot chocolates.