Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4 of chocolate calendar

Firstly, In true NTC fashion, I'd like to welcome the sun back... mr. sun: It has been a while- I was beginning to forget what you looked like :).
I thought I'd better write a post tonight, just in case any of you were concerned about whether I made it through to my last day of classes. Well I did. whew, I made it! Spring Slacker Semester here I come!
This semester was a toughie right until the end though (if you can call it the end since I still have a term paper and 3 finals left.. oh well- close enough :). By thursday I was so exhausted that I completely bonked 3.9k into a 4.5k recovery swim. New low...
I went to my magic chinese medicine acupuncturist (Christina) that night- and she said that over this semester I've gone from having a good strong pulse, to practically no pulse. Poor self :(. 5:30 swims just don't work well for me because I can never fall asleep early enough. Over the past couple years we've figured out that I'm really predictable: 3 sleeps in a week around 6.5 or less hours of sleep= sick. Just about every time. By the time today rolled around, I was so used to feeling shitty that I forgot about the 'train smart to stay consistent' rule. I hadn't even considered not going to swim practice this morning. But when I rolled out of bed, I found a text message on my phone telling me to go back to sleep. And to do the swim OYO later. Its amazing what a couple extra hours of sleep can do for you. I went from having a sore throat, sinus congestion, and being borderline mental breakdown material- to having a great day! Thanks coach, you got my back!

Someone else who also has my back is Dr. Murray- Kirsten & Lauren's (and now my) chiropractor. He's fantastic. He seems to have determined the cause of my stress fracture, my lower back & bum/tailbone pain, and pretty much everything else that is wrong with me in my first session. In the first few minutes with any doctor/physio/chiro/massage etc.. you just know whether they're good or not- y'know? Dr. Murray is really really good. I've known for quite a few years that one of my hips is higher than the other. Physio temporarily fixed it by yanking really hard on my short leg, but Dr. Murray was the first person I've seen who is fixing WHY my one hip is higher. Turns out that my left hip gets stuck, so I have very limited range of motion in that joint. Not only does that really really inhibit my running, make one hip higher than the other, and tighten up all my lower back muscles which pulls on my tailbone (leading to bum pain as well as back pain), but it puts all the stress while running onto my foot.. which leads to stress fractures..

I think this is all really cool :).

Even though this is the first time I've ever worked with a chiropractor, I've been considering going onto chiropractor school when I'm all grown up for a while now. Chiropractors, especially the good ones, just seem so smart. From what he told me, it makes me think about this summer. My back pain was really bugging me around the time of Canada Games/Worlds. At Canada Games my bike, and the first half of my run were a complete disaster. Then I randomly had a complete turn around 3k into the run, and managed to make up 40ish seconds to get on the podium. After the race I had the worst tail-bone pain ever! It felt like I'd slipped on ice and cracked it. Kinda makes me think that my poor running, and the pain afterwards were all related! This is cool- because it's all fixable! (the only problem is that the fixing part is mostly through active release which is not very enjoyable).

On another note: The second half of my swim ended up being in the dive tank due to lack of pool space. It went something like this:
"Soooooo hot in here.. I think my brain is going to explode. Or I will throw up. One or the other.... Oh well last 100m and I'm done the best averages..
Oh no two more board-short-wearing-public-swimmers just jumped in.. aaaaaaaaannd they're swimming the wrong direction.. quick Abort! Abort! To the other side of the lane!.. whew close one...
Coming up to the wall with 50 left... and are you kidding me!! Big-Bum-Breastroker decided to push off ahead of me. I was part way through my flip turn for goodness sakes!! Must get around. Way way around.
15m left- and oh no!! Death Trap ahead!! Head-up/glasses-on doggy paddler, and whalelike water runner are closing in from both sides! think skinny thoughts..
Made it!
soooooo hot.."

Thanks for swimming the last 2km with me Lauren.

And Way to go Austin for the great 10k TT on the track. Sounds like Rachael got a pb too! Alright team :)

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