Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random thoughts from yesterday and today:

Last night we had a team sushi & movie night. It was fun- although the majority of us ditched out on the movie to give the cross bikes some TLC, and get to bed early. Oh so HP. (really its just that we already saw New Moon as soon as it came out ha)
After coming home from sushi, I was in a small panic because there was no chocolate to be found in my house. So I gave in, and opened the box of Jelly Belly's Steph gave me. Jelly Belly's are my #1 favorite candy (candy doesn't include chocolate obviously). At training camp 2006, three girls and I went through 2 cosco sized bags in 3 days. No joke. I am fairly certain that is 8 pounds of jelly beans... 3 days.. How I managed to survive the ensuing sugar crash I'll never know.. Now I stick to sport beans at training camps (they're not nearly as addicting).

I've decided that the equilibrium state of my condo is consta-mess. honestly it seems like regardless of how often I clean and tidy it falls back into it's natural state of disaster. I ended up staying up a bit too late last night, after attempting to fix up my cross-bike, to clean up my house for the 50th time this week. Luckily I found a hidden stash of chocolate chips to hold me over (don't worry- I put away the Jelly beans upon discovering the chocolate). But then my building's fire alarm went off at 5am. Urg. It took them an hour to get it off because we were having flooding in the garage or something. I fell back to sleep by 7am, and woke up for weights at 7:30. So I'm on an over-tired high right now.

Today was XC nats! The triathlete's there (that I know) were Simon, Kyle, Little Gabrielle, Dorelle, Alexander, Jordan B, Joanna, and Paula! I think thats it.. (hopefully I didn't forget anyone)? Anyways looks like everyone did really well. Kendra won the senior female race which was pretty fantastic (in August I predicted she'd be the one to look out for- nbd).

My foot is coming along.. I think I'm at about 8 weeks post-injury now. Still haven't started running yet, but today I did the full training with the team! Weights, big cross bike in the rain, and then swim. Holy bonked right now batman. Y'know that feeling that you get after a day of skiing/snowboarding? And your eyes and face feel hot and windburnt..Thats what I'm feeling a le moment. But coming from a normal canadian climate, I find it pretty cool that we're riding outdoors at this time of year. In Calgary you can't ride until like.. June. And to make things even better- the sky was blue yesterday!! Almost the whole day! It had been almost a month since the sun last came out. I didn't have to turn on my headlights while driving at noon for once! So I thought that meant that today would be nice too. But alas.. was I ever mistaken.. The perma-dark & rain returned for my first X-ride of the season. I wore as many layers as I possibly could, and surprisingly stayed quite warm. My toes and fingers were numb by the end, and I was soaked- but nothing unbearable. It was actually really fun!

Man do I suck at cross biking though. I have the 'riding on the road to get to the trails' part down. But when it comes to single track riding... ha. At least everyone always knows where I am because of my constant yelling/screaming.
I discovered this way of getting around the trails decently fast by just always keeping one foot unclipped, and scooching along like a scooter! (don't tell patrick).
Ok ok.. I do try to Ride my bike as much as possible.. but half way through today's ride my front brake broke (thats what you get with tiagra & sora components), and my back brakes were out of pads, so I really did need to brake somehow! When I arrived back at the parking-lot at least half the team were dragging their shoes along the pavement to stop too. It was kinda funny watching us all try to stop sans wiping out.

Tomorrow is water run, spin, grocery shopping at Red Barn, start & hopefully complete term paper, anatomy work annnnnd then we're onto the last week of classes before Exams! Hope everyone in Guelph is having a great night. And good luck to those starting exams.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

we're the real deal

Chere Marianne:
We're famous! Made the ITU highlight reel. Although I do admit you got more camera time than me (see 40- 45 seconds). My only claim to fame is the footage of the dive start. (My bum is the farthest one from the camera (36 seconds)). Good times team. :)

Team Relay World Champs

Friday, November 6, 2009


Only 3.4 weeks left of school until exams. (whew huuuuuuuge sigh of relief). Ever since the beginning of the semester I've just been trying to survive until december. Killer semester ends in december. Only have to swim 5:15 mornings until december. Should be fully back into training by december.. oh and december means christmas of course. There's just so many things to look forward to!
I've never really been injured before. So this has been a bit of an eye opener for me. I've discovered that not training during off- season is excccccelllent. But not training (because of injury/school taking over my life), when I feel like I should be training makes me anxious, and grumpy and thereby depressed. and after a while getting fat (and slow) becomes less fun.
A few weeks ago when I was hardly doing anything trainingwise with the team, I showed up for my first weights session feeling like a depressed basket-case. But during weights I had so much fun. I came out of the session happier than I'd been in weeks. Like way way way happier. So I realized that training isn't something that I do just because its what I do. It Is what makes me happy. And being with the group makes me happy too.
So I've had really great attitudes going into all my workouts lately because of this discovery. I even go to my super early morning practices with a positive attitude because I am thankful to be there- even if 5:15 is nowhere near morning. Ok moderately positive attitude.

I realize that I have completely failed in the quotes of the week department, so I'll put one in now:

"never die easy"
- unknown

Thats all. I didn't really analyze that quote in any way.. but it sounds Badass.