Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quote of The Week

Ok so as promised in ma previous post- here's my quote of the week. I was talking to possibly my favorite training buddy of all time last night (she should come back and train with me soon), and at one point she says,

-"aren't you excited for this season! There are going to be so many U23 girls this year. Nationals is going to be so fun!"

-me: "Yay! but you're going to have to show me how it's done since you're the experienced one and all.."

-"Oh don't even worry about it- Tri boys are easy to flirt with!"

so there ya go- The transition from Junior racing to U23 isn't nearly as hard as everyone makes it seem. I was worrying for nothing!

Since both my quotes of the week so far have been more like conversations- here's a bonus one.

" Time Flies when you're living." - Jasper Blake
( go check out his blog because a) he's the funniest triathlete on the planet, and b) he's getting ready for Xterra worlds right now!)

One of life's unexplained mysteries

I've decided to include a Quote of the week section into my blog. We will see if I find one for every week or not, but thats my goal at least. I've got a different best quote for this week that I will post shortly, so this next quote will stand in for my September quote of the month.

Overheard at the UVic bibliocafe:
A tuesday morning, late september

Student #1: Hey man- did you make it out last night?
Student #2: Ya- it was awesome- I don't even remember how I got home!
Student #1: Hey- you came out with us Saturday night too right?
Student #2: Ya! I went out every night this weekend! ended up pulling an all nighter Saturday night... (more talk about events of the weekend, hookups and such..)
Student #2: The only crappy thing is that I feel like I'm getting sick again. I just got over my last cold a couple days ago!
Student #1: Me too! My throat and head are really starting to hurt today- And I was sick all last week!! This seems to happen every september!!
Student #2: Makes no sense!!! Whats with september anyways??

hmm good question students 1 and 2- why are university students alll sick alllllll september long?? Guess its just one of life's unexplained mysteries.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear October, we have gotten off to a rough start.. redo?

.. It must be Karma..
I'm not sure where to start to be honest.. I guess when it comes down to it, the root of all our problems is Anatomy 141. Death course. no joke. I mean its very interesting, but I've been investing 15+ hours a week outside of actual class and lab time- just studying for this one course! Its like the ultimate life ruiner- in a text book. Despite our (I say our because this is a twinly story- not just my story) attempts to NOT give ourselves absolutely killer academic schedules- it appears we have majorly failed this semester round.
Not only is this course very mean academically it also happens to be held at 8:30am Tues, Wed, and Fri mornings. Right in the middle of our three most important swim workouts of the week. (and yes it is a required course, and no it isn't offered at any other time, and no- no other online anatomy courses are transferable- believe me we went through that too).
Its been a struggle to find other options to ensure that we're still able to have a swim focus this fall since we cant be with the team. Alex and I threw about tons of different training options- attempting to create a schedule that kept us in the pool enough, but still allowed us to attend the rest of our NTC workouts. For a while it looked as if Alex and I would end up just having to train alone for the semester. At the moment I'm dealing with the after affects of an Australian foot injury. I'm going in for a bone scan on Tuesday, but until then I have to assume its a stress fracture. So that's been a pain. Since I'm only able to water run, that meant Alex would be doing the running and biking solo.
In a little fit of frustration- Alex said, "maybe we should just quit training entirely since we're barely surviving school in the off season as it is.... and just get really fat!"

She didn't really mean it.. honest..

but apparently the Karma gods don't understand sarcasm.
One twin can't be healthy if the other one is injured- so to even things out Alex flipped over her cross-bike handlebars and broke her collarbone.
Ironically our test today (in anatomy) had a lot to do with the pectoral girdle and clavicles, so at least we both knew what was going on!
So now it looks like Alex got her wish and can go get fat. And soon enough she'll be able to join me in the dive tank for some water running. If in fact I do have a stress fracture- I will post a picture of me with my air cast, and her with her arm sling. sigh ..We already get lots of funny looks walking around campus together as it is- since we look the same and all..

In the end Patrick and Island swimming came to our rescue- so fortunately the two of us will be part time islanders until december. Well I will.. by the looks of things Alex will be out until then. 5:30 mornings are really not my steez. Not oooooonnne bit. But I'm willing to throw in a couple per week until worstsemesterofalltime is over.

For now- I Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!
And good luck to all the Vikes, and all canadian triathletes around the world running Cross this season. Huge Congrats to both Sarah-Anne, and Jess for their phenomenal races- and for making it onto flotrack! And good luck to all the Canadians in KONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Season Review

I had a very brief chat with coach Neil the other day that went something like this:
NH: So How did you feel about your season?
me: Great!
NH: Really? so you had some races that you were happy with?
me: yup!
NH: Which ones?
me: weeeeeeelllll eerrrrr Patco, and ummmm (pause to think a while...) errrrrr I guess Worlds.. kind of...but I could've done better... uhhh ya just Patco really.
And that's when I came to the conclusion that my season actually sucked!

so why when I thought about my season as a whole did I feel happy with it??? The past couple days I thought that over. And I came up with this:
I think the first half of my season was really strong, but then by the end I just didn't have the energy to finish as strong as I had been earlier in the summer. My running at both Canada Games and Worlds was rather sub-par. And I'm disappointed that I was sick at nationals- but not much you can do about that. So those are those are the negatives.
I am pleased with my season because I feel like this past year I was finally racing at a level that represents my ability. I knew I had the ability to win Patco. check! I knew with luck I could win the Canadian series. Check! I knew I could become a front pack swimmer, and a leader in the bike pack- and I have accomplished both! I knew I could come top ten at Worlds and I did that too. Check, check, check. So that's an awful lot of positives!! Before this year I couldn't even check off one of those.

So I think that makes it approximately 5 to 3 in favor of being pleased with my season ;).

I may not have had any perfect races but thats probably a good thing- I think I'm getting pretty good at always leaving myself loads of room to improve. And all in all I was so fortunate to have a season like this one- no crashes (my 3 transition crashes this year are just embarrassing and therefore don't count!!), and only one sick race!! I wish I could say the same for Alex- but I think she had a great experience in her first U23 race, and is ready to kick butt 2010.
Overall feeling of racing 2009: Great!

And now I'm going to learn how to be a champion for 2010 from Ian's blog.

oh and on a side note I am currently attempting to round up some partnerships/sponsorships for this coming year because I am broke and have no more money for new shoes and wetsuits and stuff.. See take a look at this: My suit is missing something...

So if anybody has any tips I'd love the advice :)