Sunday, April 26, 2009

The most successful moment of my career thus far:

haha A-Russ sent this to me. It is from nationals last year.

It was the best race I've ever had!!!!
....Except I didn't finish because I managed to crash myself while going around a corner on the bike, and jammed up my bike too much to finish. But still it was going to be the bestest race ever!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

why results don't mean anything:

She knows she's the best. All that matters.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oklahoma Prep officially begins.

First Exam= done. Yeeeeessss!!!!!!
The success of the exam itself may be questionable, but the goal of the past week and half has been: survive until monday. And somehow I did!
The rest of my exam schedule is pretty easy.. I have a lot of physics learning to do, but thankfully I have quite a while to learn it all. So now I can finally shift my focus over to Oklahoma prep. This will begin with a lot of little things that I have been putting off for too long. Catching up on sleep, groceries, laundry, house cleaning, blood tests, orthotics and doctors appointments... everything that I have neglected over the past week. And then with these things done I'll finally be able to focus on my health and my training.

Great to see that the weather is finally cooperating!

The past week has been pretty painful trainingwise. I understand that coming off an illness greatly reduces performance, but I've really been suffering. I feel good going into the workouts, but the workouts themselves feel like one huge bonk. On the bike I feel like I'm riding with two flat tires and all brake pads rubbing. And it's the same with my swim and run, the effort is there but for some reason there is a wall preventing me from actually moving. So this makes me frustrated :(. I hope that with better sleep and nutrition (since hell-week is finally over!), I will begin to recover and feel more like myself. I will also look into the iron situation once again because that is an ever-present issue with me.

Only a bit over a month until Patco.