Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back From Zona

Back in Vic after a great 12 days in Tucson. The rides were great, the runs were great, the swims were great, the sun was great, the cactuses were great, the team was great. The house was cluttered. The hills and mountains were very big. The saddle sores were very painful. The soreness was great :)- and the HTFUing was great at times. The train through our backyard was very loud and frequent.
Lots of Icing, stretching, napping, rollering. Lots of school missed, Not so much studying.. erm what else- I think that about sums it up.
Wish I was still there of course!!

Anyways it was, for the most part, a pretty successful camp for me. Unfortunately Christine came down with a bit of a cold a few days into the camp and the combination of sharing a room/house with a sick person+ very little sleeping (see very loud and frequent train mentioned above)+ 26hr of training per week+ only 1 recovery day+ world's most pathetic immune system= Sick Kyla. Again :(
So right now I'm on antibiotics for a sinus infection that developed into an ear and eye infection on the flight back home. sigh. I'm also in the midst of a study break for my midterm tomorrow (is it really almost 10pm already??). Still one other midterm, one paper, one assignment, one case study, and a final exam to get through over the next week. And Get Me Healthy and back into training mode begins now!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuscon Day 4.

Heyy from Arizona land. I am currently sitting on the couch by our front entranceway listening to a terrible elementary school band performance. We are having a bit of a recovery day today, and I was hoping to do some homework outside, but my computer is dying, and apparently they don't believe in outdoor power outlets on this house ha. So in light of these events, I found a couch, and an outlet by the front door, and am absorbing the heat and sun through the open front door.
Our house is very nice, although the neighborhood leaves a bit to be desired. Aka we are borderline in the slums. Plus we have an incredibly loud train in our backyard that blasts its horn on the way by every hour or so.
And the local elementary school's band sucks..
But other than that it is pretty close to both the University of Arizona, where we swim, and the Saguaro national park where we've been riding.

Training is going really well. I think the change in training environment has been really great for me. I was getting pretty tired of the victoria routine, and consequently fell into a bit of a crappy training slump. So far we've had three epic 3 hour rides through the Tucson wiiiiiild. Scenery has been beautiful. As well as some outdoor yards swimming. Broke a minute in 100free yay- and from a push too!! gotta love those yards.. We also snuck into a highschool track for a 5x1500 workout. (probably a much nicer track then the majority of canada's university tracks!).

So we've done some good work in out first four days here. Still Mount Lemmon to come!