Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Visiting the little bit of snow on this island

Being back from Australia

It turns out that buying bulk chocolate at the grocery store is never a good idea. I already knew this, but I still gave in and bought some earlier today. I didn't even buy good quality dark chocolate, or something that at least pretends to be good for you- just Bridge Mix ( which I'm pretty sure is a mixture of sugar and wax coating). Having just finished the entire bag (bulk chocolates have never lasted more than a day yet..), My blood sugar is beginning to plummet much too drastically to contemplate doing anything productive. So while bumming around on the computer (and debating eating a steak or something to somehow negate the effects of probably a cup and a half of sugar)- I came upon our team blog, and decided my Blog looked very very very pathetic. No pictures.. No cool stories, nothing :(.
Well I missed out on my chance to write a good post-Aussie Blog post. Now that it's been a couple weeks since our return I've already passed through the reflection phase and now I just have some great memories to think about. Australia definitely beat my expectations though. I think I was a bit too terrified about the idea of racing a high level international race on only one month of good training, to even imagine that it would be really fun. My highlights were getting a day to shop and beach and probably develop skin cancer at Manly beach with the team, and my bestest friends Steph and Maddie. The race itself ended up beating my expectations as well. Although I only had a mediocre swim, the ride felt strong, and I had a pretty solid run. It was no where near a perfect race, but I finished pretty well in a very strong field on very little training. Which is a hugggge confidence booster for this season since I know I will be way more prepared.
As for right now- well life is good. I just got back from a weekend at mount Washington with Peter. We stayed at his Aunt and Uncle's house and did one day of snow boarding, and one day of cross-country skiing. Although the snow was pretty mediocre- (borderline crappy for the snowboarding part) I had a blast. I miss winter! Reading week is coming up and I wish I could spend it at my cabin, hot-tubbing, and visiting Kicking Horse and Panorama, but I'm not really sure I want to miss more training right now.. so we'll see.
What else- well I am currently in the easiest semester I've taken so far, which makes me feel very guilty because I'm used to being one big stress case all the time. But it's very nice. And I feel nauseous and sleepy from ingesting unfortunate amounts of sugar. So that's all for now,
Later Dudes.