Monday, January 5, 2009

End of Christmas and off to Aussiland

Christmas Flew Bye, My Birthday Flew bye... and now it's back to school. Already! Well sort of- only 5 more days and then it's off to Australia. The break was awesome. We were only home for 4.5 days so it was a visit that went by way too fast, but I was thankful just to be able to chill at home with my family even if just for a little while. Training the past month has been ramped waaaayyy up. So although I still don't feel exactly race ready- I know I'm more prepared than I was a few weeks ago. We just got back from our latest session in the heat trailer. (90 minutes on the trainer, 36+ degrees, very high humidity, and a rectal probe to measure core temp. ha all around a super fun experience. Sorry if that was too much info for some ). So we'll see what happens race-wise down under. I think it will make us all more ready to go for it in Oklahoma (the first of two Worlds qualifying races this year) at least. So catch ya later. Hope everyone had great holidays.