Friday, October 3, 2008

another trip to the medic tent

San Francisco was a pretty neat. I had a lot of fun out there with the team. I'm really glad to be running with the Vikes this year because I wouldn't normally have  the opportunity to just fly down to California for the weekend. Stanford was the most amazing school I've ever been too. US universities all seem to be pretty huge, but Stanford was incredible. We didn't even get to see much of the campus, but the areas that we did see had beautiful architecture, and gardens and fountains and palm trees and pretty things. I think we saw at least four weddings going on. You know you must have a pretty nice school, if that's where people go to take wedding photo's. 
The race itself didn't end up working out so well for me. The course was pretty cool though! It was around and around and up and down and around again on the Stanford golf course. There were almost 300 girls on the start line, so that was a woah. We raced in almost 90' weather which is always hard, but I was particularly nervous because of some of my previous bonking experiences while racing in heat. I thought that over the summer we had figured out my passing out issues just by taking a way-more-than-normal electrolyte intake pre-race. I forgot to bring out my nuun with me, but I did buy some other equally gross electrolyte drink so that could keep up my hydration the day before, and the day of the race. 
The first four kms of my race were decent. I wasn't feeling great, but I was trying to keep it as relaxed as possible, and the pace was pretty comfortable. I started to go wonky in the last 2k. I felt sluggish, like my body was slowing down, and I knew it was the bad heat feeling happenning as opposed to normal racing hurt. But I just ignored my not so great feelingness regardless and hoped that I would be able to still finish hard. Unfortunately that didn't happen. The last km is pretty foggy for me now, and I don't remember the last 200meter at all.  I know a ton of people passed me in that last stretch though, and I know that I just kept telling myself not to try and sprint with the rest of them because if I did I wouldn't have made it to the finish (I learnt that the hard way a couple times).
This was probably the worst bonk I've ever had. It took me a very long time this time to be able to open my eyes, and even longer than ever to be able to sit up. This week has been really frustrating because I'm still feeling very messed up from the weekend, and my training has been suffering pretty badly because of it. So for now it's back to the drawing board, and it's time to straighten out what's going on for real this time. We're thinking that it's likely a electrolyte absorption issue, so I'm determined to straighten out my tummy issues once and for all. 

Ha I didn't mean for this to be a race report, or an essay but I seem to have accomplished both with this one! Anyways I'm in intense get Kyla healthy mode starting now! Hope everyone has a great weekend.  

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