Thursday, September 25, 2008

sunrise this morning

I woke up this morning expecting to be grumpy because my sleep deprivation has been gradually accumulating all week, and after a not so great sleep last night I thought I'd feel bad. This is not a good attitude to have. I don't recommend ever expecting yourself to feel bad, and grumpy. I could probably receive many many lectures about the power and effects of attitude for admitting that I expected to be grumpy..But it does allow you to be surprised when you find for some reason that you're actually not grumpy, just tired. 
And to make it better the sky exploded this morning as Stevo put it. In a good way. It was beautiful. And the sunrise made a rainbow appear where it was still dark. A rainbow in the dark. 

K well I suppose I'd better go learn, and pack and eat if I can scrounge up any food from the depths of my fridge/cupboards, and run, cause we're leaving for Stanford tomorrow!  Cya

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Right at this moment..

I am currently supposed to be reading a lab manual. But lab manuals are lame. And really really boring to read. Other than that my apartment is ridiculously hot right now- sooooooooooo I am ridiculously ridiculously hot right now. But it's worth it since today was such a nice day. While on the complaining streak my legs are incredibly sore from yesterday's Vikes workout since it was only my second real run back, and I skipped all the ease-yourself-back into training runs.  Somehow I always end up jumping right into hard training from nothing. Oh well- who needs to be able to walk anyways? 
Luckily a good 10minutes in the ocean does miracles. And today was definitely a great day for icing in the ocean :).
Hope everyone's who is reading this is having a great evening-  and hopefully minus lab manuals. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Lucky Season

Heeeeeeeeeeyyyy It's been one whole month since I last blogged!! I guess that shouldn't be something to be overly proud of. But I was momentarily excited.. ha.K ANYways I'm back in Vic again- just finished up the first couple days of classes. So far I'm having a great time. My break was excellent, but it went by way way way too quickly. So I was pretty reluctant to come back. The weather on my 2 weeks off was pretty mediocre at best. Actually it was mostly crappy. Lots of 8 degrees and raining days. But THEN when I got to Vic, I was welcomed back with sunshine and 20 something degree weather. So now I'm happy to be back to where it feels like summer again.  And I also came to the realization that I really enjoy being a full time athlete, and just training like I did this summer. And I kinda like being a full time student like I'm sorta doing now. It's just when the two combine that life gets rough!!! Jeez! oh well, I'll just make the most of this un-stressedness right now( and the most of the gorgeous weather!)

So how went my season? Weeeellll the horoscope lady in the newspaper said that this was to be my lucky year. Well I won't comment on other aspects of my life ( I did have some very lucky final exam marks last semester..), but triathlonwise boy oh boy did she mess up. Like mixed up a satellite with a star or something (s'ok I sometimes get confused too).  At the beginning of the season I thought that maybe this would be a lucky season. Mexico was an ok race, but my legs died at the end, so I didn't automatically qualify myself for Worlds as planned.  Luckily the people who chose the national teams allowed me to be the fourth canadian girl. That was pretty much the end of all things lucky for me:
- 1 DNS at worlds
- 1 borderline DFL in P.E.I
- 1 DFN at Nationals
aaaand 1 big huge screw up on the bike in Gatineau (That was my fault though for allowing myself to get behind weaker riders- so I won't blame it on luck)
woohoo covered all three D's in one season.

So I don't have a lot to show for this season. But I
 think it could have been pretty good.  A little bit more experience decreases the need to depend on luck exponentially. So that's what this year will be about.
I think nationals was going to be my race. I'm not sure I've ever had a race feel so relaxed and easy, and perfect. It was going exactly as I had visualized it.  I had the most amazing spot on the beach I've ever had. With my lucky position I got ahead of the fighting at the beginning of the swim, and had a ridiculously relaxed swim on the feet of the great Paula Findlay and the crazyfast Christine Ridenour. Perfect transition, perfect pack.. and then on lap 2 I slid out going around a corner and got myself lapped out before I managed to get my chain un-jammed. As I hit the ground I hardly even noticed the road rash- I was too much in shock. "Wait a second.. this wasn't in the race plan!" 

hmm so lets just say that horoscope lady didn't mess up. What does that mean? Well this is what I've come up with. Next year is my last year of juniorhood. My big year baby! So if one disappointing  race makes you hungry then a whole disappointing season must make you really really hungry. So I guess maybe that's what this season was for: to show me that this is what I want for the next few years- this is what I want to be doing. I finished last season borderline burnt out, but now I know that I want to stick with triathlon for quite a while longer. And I definitely have some unfinished business as a junior!