Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Back in Vic. Walking out of the Victoria airport yesterday evening was an amazing feeling. My first thought was "I'm free!" and then "air!", and then I noticed the calm blue sky, and how it was hot! still almost 27' at 7:00pm . It smelt like dried grass, and evergreen trees, and cold water somewhere just out of view like it does at my cabin on the perfectest of august evenings. On those nights you could go down to the lake for a sunset wakeboard, or sneak over to the sand dune beach, or go do the run that you kept putting off all day long, or just do whatever you want to do. Because that's what those nights are all about. I'll be going there soon :) But for now I'm just happy to be back in Victoria. It smells like summer here too.  
PEI was super fun. I think Canada Games there next year is going to be a party. Especially if they can get the course all fixed up by then. The boys race was amazing to watch. I missed the
 swim and part of their bike while chatting to the doctor in the first aid tent. But I emerged to see Sharpy, JP, Aaron, and Connor all coming into transition together in the lead. I was so so so excited to see that because every one of those guys deserves to be there. Jeff took off right away, never to be seen again, and Matt's run was a wow. 

My race was good I guess. I had four goals:
1) don't hold anything back on the start.
I mostly accomplished that. I went all out and got on tall Ontario girl's feet, who was on Christine's feet. Yes! Right where I want to be. But then I got smoked in the face, lost my goggles and lost those feet while putting my goggles back on.

2) Have a fast last 150ish meters of the swim because that was where I fell off last time.
I did that! 

3) Have the fastest run to transition out of everyone. (Because there was a suuuuppper long run to transition)
I did that too! Well I don't know if it was the fastest, but it was fast.  I then proceeded to run right past my Bike in T1, for some reason hoping to find it among the bikes on the guys rack. Whoops haven't done that in a really long time! Good thing I had a fast run to transition...

4) Be at the front going around every corner on the bike.
First corner I went around first. Second corner I went around firstish second. Third corner I went around in third.. aaaaaaaaand girl in front of me's pedal fell off (don't know how she managed that?). 
I watched as one of her feet came off the pedal. "whatever you do don't step down," I thought. She unclipped the other foot. And stepped down with both feet while whipping around the corner. "Well maybe she wont fall..." No such luck. Her carbon shoes slipped off the road and she went down right in front of me.  "Well this sucks." And I flipped over her. 
And gained a new appreciation for helmets that's for sure. 

The rest of the race went alright after I got my brain and bike working again. For a while I was borderline about to be lapped out of the bike, but I made it. Beginning my last two laps of the run while everybody else was finishing was a bit of a drag though. 

Buuuuuuuuuuuttt I did do something right. I crossed the finish line and noticed that the timing mats went on for a while still. So I ran over them all. See I do learn!

Once again Christine had another great race.  wow Christine has had a great season (and still more to come). I would like to say she's been pretty lucky, but when it comes down to it, the more talent you have the less luck is needed :). Stevo won the Tri back here at the lakes- followed by Scotty and Mike. Sweeeeeeep. And Rachel McBride won for the women followed by Kerry. I'm very proud to have such a great team.