Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reasons why I still haven't cleaned my room.

aaaaaahhhh summer is going by too fast! 
It's funny, sometimes I think "man if I wasn't doing triathlon I could be going on so many adventures.." I think I would try to find the coolest summer job ever. Like a backpacking, or mountain biking tour guide in Jasper or something like that. I used to think tree planting was cool, until I learnt that it isn't just hippies who are trying save the world who do it- that mostly people do it because it pays so well. So maybe that wouldn't be my thing. I like to think I'm hardcore, but I'm probably not a 'months living out of a tent planting all day' type girl anyways. Would be cool though- to save the world. 
But anyways- point of this paragraph is that even though I always wonder what I'd be doing if I didn't have to focus on training and racing all summer, each summer is defined in my head by the races I did. Even the brutal one's that ended in the hospital are still great memories- what fun trips!  Lets see... so far we've had Tucson camp which was pretty cool because I've never been anywhere like that before.  Mexico...Very fun. Training and racing in Vancouver, and Quebec.  Leaving for PEI on wednesday, and Kelowna after that..hmm this summer has been pretty neat after all. 

I can't remember if I've already mentioned my adventuring list but I found all these rocks for climbing within half-an hour of where I live that I really want to check out. So I wrote a big list of how to get  to all those places. Climbing is tough with triathlon. Usually the plan is to go Wednesday nights, and Sunday nights because the day after is usually lighter trainingwise. But we can't go wednesday nights if there's the wednesday night crit, and no climbing the week before races! Soooo we've only been to the gym once, and Stevo's secret rock once recently, and none of my adventures have been checked off! I probably won't have many more chances before Kelowna to get out, but oh well it doesn't get very cold in the fall here, so we'll have plenty of chances then. But still summer is going by too fast!
That's not to say we haven't gotten any exploring in. Last week two of my bestest girlfriends came out to visit us (because we weren't able to go home this summer). One of my friends, Steph, will be moving to Australia in like a week! Yikes too soon! And Elise goes to school in Toronto, so she'll be leaving soonish too. So it was really great to see them again even just for a little bit. We did the trip up to Sombrio. Amazing Amazing beach in the rainforest. We had a pretty great time. Miss you girls- keep rocking life. Too bad I couldn't hang out with the trackie BFF before she heads off for West Virginia :(. You keep rocking life too!

It's also funny how at the beginning of the summer all the cool things I wanted to do were at home, but now there are so many thing I want to do here too. (I'm really terrible at transitions, so it took me awhile to accept that this is where I live now. But I'm glad that I finally have because I like it here. And I don't think I can qualify for 'living in Calgary' status anymore if I'm only there a total of 20 days a year..). So now I have a huge list of all things I'm going to do on my two weeks off at home. And a huge list of all the things I'm going to do here. So please Summer- slow down a little bit! I've got too much racing, and backpacking, and climbing, and wakeboarding, and sailing, and tubing, and cabining, and visiting, and partying left to do! Wow when you list it off like that goes to show- life's pretty good. 

Great racing to all the buds at trackie Nats in Abbotsford, and swimming Nats in Calgary.

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