Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Sorry your Mens Sana in Corpore Sans took the day off"

I am pretty sure the last time I was bored was the summer of grade 5. My mom was a wreck taking care of my terminally ill grandpa, and my Incredibly needy four year old brother. My Dad worked. And me and Alex spent our days trying to find things to do in the park behind our house. So being bored is a relatively unknown experience for me. During the school-year feeling boredom would be like the next best thing to winning an all inclusive trip to Maui. So it's kind-of a nice feeling...sorta. 

I guess the only thing that's ruining this for me is the reason why I'm bored. It all started at about 2am last night...
(I'm just guessing cause I never actually looked at the clock).  I had been sleeping on my arm funny, so I had completely lost all feeling in it. As I rolled over I felt something cold touch my other hand- had I fallen asleep holding my phone again? (it tends to happen.. my friends go to bed later than me...). Nope. not a phone. 

It feels like there is a hand in my bed. There's AN F-ING HAND IN MY BED!!!! 

I didn't once assume that there was a body to go with it- ha as you can tell I don't have the tendency to wake up to these kinds of things.  
I was too shocked to scream- which is very good because I'm one hell of a good screamer. (Like comparable to Kiera Knightly when she first sees the ghost crew in Pirates.) But I quickly realized it was MY hand that I had felt. whew...ok- everything's ok. back to sleep. It was then that I realized that my nose was all stuffed up and my throat was really hurting/constricted. 

I guess the reason why this was particularly ominous is because I'm leaving for Worlds in 1 day. Alex came down with Strep Throat last week, and as she has never gotten sick before without me following suit,  I realized that this sore throat was not a good sign. Alex had started off feeling just a little bit sick, (like I've felt all day) but gradually got worse, until after almost a week of die-age she finally went on antibiotics, and has sloooowly been getting better. I don't have a week to get better.

Nonetheless I got up in the morning, went down to the lake, and set up my transition. We were going to do a lake swim, with a few short Bricks, then a longish ride followed by a run off the bike. All decked out in my wetsuit, bright pink silicone cap, and goggles, I went to my coach to tell him that I wasn't feeling the greatest. 

Now I don't usually do this. In normal circumstances I would have put on that wetsuit, HTFU'ed and suffered my way through the workouts. One of my friends says that my horrible athlete-to-coach communication skills is because I am wimp. He says that I am obedient to a fault, and that I never stand up for myself. That's why the newest girl in his life is better than me- cause she has balls... and I don't. (Kidding! ;)
but Perhaps what he says is true. 
Perhaps it is because I come from a swimming background where the athletes were expected to come to every workout regardless of how sick they were (fevers were the exception.. and maybe puking- only if it would cause the pool to get evacuated though). And the coaches didn't accept excuses. 
Perhaps it is because I don't want to make excuses for myself. Perhaps because I never want to disappoint others.  I don't really know why I usually choose not to complain, but I figure that I have a lot of growing up to do still, so I'll figure it all out eventually...

ok back to the story. I told PK that I wasn't feeling the greatest, and he told me to take the day off.  Apparently I should have talked to him before taking 10 minutes to get my wetsuit on. But Pat told me to use the opportunity to practice wetsuit removals since I suck hardcore at wetsuit stripping. But, even dry, I still sucked. So I kept practicing until I got in trouble by the coaches when they came back, half an hour later, to find me running around in my bathing suit instead of resting. On my way home I stopped at Planet Organic to find something to make me healthy. I was hoping for a sweet Pomegranate drink or something like that, but I didn't really see anything, so I bought $38 worth of Spirulina tablets (to go with my multi-vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and immuno booster that are part of my daily ritual), and went to Starbucks instead (more reasons why I really do need to find a job... sigh). In Thriftys I found some dark chocolate covered golgi berries though! But on my way out of the store a nearby pub burnt down, and the 30+ minute detour that ensued in Ma Boiling Jeep, made my golgi berries all melty.  This was when I came to the conclusion that I was bored. Not sure what to do about this newly discovered sentiment- I stopped to pick up a movie from Blockbuster. As I came out of the store I realized I couldn't find my keys. Sure enough, they were sitting on the driver's seat in my locked car.  Dozily trying to decide what to do next I realized that I had left my window open a bit too much (I've been a little out of it today). So I stuck the dvd and my wallet on top of the jeep, jammed my arm through the window, unlocked the door, and drove off. As I was nearly home I heard something sliding on top of my roof. Shit. 
Luckily my wallet was still there! The dvd was missing though, so I turned around to do a U-ey and a nice man drove up to hand me my flying movie. He said one of the disks had flown out of the case, and was run over by a car. It was the special features disk though, so I can still watch the movie, and maybe the blockbuster people won't notice one missing disk ha.... 

So that was my day... I went to the doctor, and they confirmed that I have Strep throat. As you can tell I wasn't feeling too too sick- when you're really really sick you usually feel too crappy to really notice boredom. 
 But now I think the Strep Throat is finally beginning to do its job. 

 So now I plan on listening to some Jack Johnson, and legs up the wall until bedtime. Calm my mind. Breath.
 But it seems like even though everything was going wrong today, it all turned out all right in the end. 
And I think my next couple weeks are going to be like this too ( The turning out all right part). 

Night Kids. 


My coach wisely told me today, "Kyla your mind is too busy, take some time to do a little gentle yoga, breath.. calm your mind." This was a very true comment, so if this post (my very first one!) seems to be filled with lots of  off-topic digressions from my intended story, that is because I'm All Over The Place Today!!! So I apologize in advance. 

Our team's blog is awesome. I love all the race-reports, and you-tube videos, and Stevo's amazing positivity no matter how crappy the day actually was. Since I've been a part of the NTC blog since October (or something like that..) I thought maybe it was time to do my part. I don't really expect that I will do a very good job of keeping up with blogging though beecccccaaaaaauuussse 
a) I have enough trouble keeping up with my workout log as it is. (Even with PK on my back letting me know if ever I miss a day ;)
b) The truth is... the idea of blogging only came to me today because I'm bored. That and because my mind is smack dab in the middle of rush-hour traffic- very busy, but not going anywhere.
So as a warning: the blog of Kyla Coates will most likely just be random insights into my life rather than regular updates like D'em True Bloggers Do!

I think I'll talk about my day in another post though because I've come to the realization that when people see veeeeerrry verrrry long letters/articles/pieces of writing they have the tendency to either not read it all, or skim through it. I have a little inkling of a feeling that this might be one of those really really long posts. So to amp up the anticipation, I'll leave you there dear readers. (although I seriously doubt anyone will actually read this because I've had this blog since october (or something like that..) and not written anything up until now, so it's unlikely anybody will think that has changed.) 
There is a word for when you leave your readers hanging to keep them interested... 
...but I forget what it is. 
So goodbye for the next ten minutes.